Most Frequently Asked Questions About Woodstock

April 13, 2010

in Woodstock

1) Q. Where are the public restrooms located?
A. Public restrooms are located at the new visitor’s center on Mechanic Street.

2) Q. Where can I get information about what’s going on in town?
A. The Town Crier Board, located on the southwest side of Elm Street near F.H. Gillinghams, is a good place to start. The visitor’s center on Mechanic Street also provides information on area attractions and events. The Vermont Standard, the state’s best weekly newspaper, also provides excellent coverage on local happenings.

3) Q. Can you tell me how to get to the Woodstock Inn?
A. The Woodstock Inn is located at 14 The Green on the south side of the Village Green. Go around the Green, take a right onto Route 106, and then your first left. This will place you at the front entrance of the Inn. If you get lost, the telephone number is (802) 457-1100.

4) Q. Was the famous sixties musical festival held here?
A. No. You’re thinking of a town about 250 miles south and west of here. The famous rock festival was held on Max Yasgur’s farm in Bethel, NY. Woodstock, VT is famous for clean living and the Billings Farm & Museum, two minutes north of the village on Route 12.

5) Q. When is the best time to come back in the fall and see the leaves change color?
A. The fall foliage can reach peak color anytime at the end of September or the middle of October. If you would like to return, make reservations now because you won’t be alone. Local residents graciously open their homes (for a nominal fee) to handle the overflow of visitors unable to find accommodations in area inns, hotels and B&Bs.

6) Q. How deep is that Quechee Gorge thing we drove over to get here?
A. 168 feet to be exact.

7) Q. Where is the best place to park?
A. If you are having trouble finding metered parking on one of Woodstock’s busy main thoroughfares, there are free municipal parking lots located on the northern side of Pleasant Street, the Frost Mill lot in Benson Place reached via Pleasant Street, behind the Town Hall just beyond the west end of the Village Green, and behind the Woodstock Elementary School when school is not in session.

8) Q. Where can I pay this parking ticket I just received?
A. There are two red drop boxes located in front of each of Woodstock’s two pharmacies, Shire Apothecary on Elm Street and Woodstock Pharmacy on Central Street. These boxes are provided for your convenience and are emptied on a daily basis, so don’t get any smart ideas.

9) Q. Where is the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park?
A. It’s just north of Woodstock Village on Route 12. Why not combine your visit there with a stop at the Billings Farm and Museum. Park at the museum, enjoy the exhibits there, then cross the street and take the tour of the beautiful mansion and grounds that were home to famous conservationists- George Perkins Marsh, Frederick Billings and Laurance and Mary Rockefeller. If you’re feeling peppy, enjoy a hike over the many trails and roads crisscrossing Mount Tom, also a part of the national park.

10) Q. Was the library ever a church?
A. No. The distinctive Romanesque-style building was designed by Wilson Brothers of Philadelphia as a library. It was built in 1883-1884 using native stone. The library, a gift of town benefactor Dr. Edward Higginson Williams, was named after his father.

11) Q. Where can we get genealogical information and where are the local cemeteries?
A. The three places to track down genealogy information are the Probate Court, located in the former jail, or the Town Clerk’s office in the Town Hall just past the west end of the Green. You can also ask at the visitor’s center; chances are one of the staff knows something about your Woodstock family tree. River Street Cemetery can be found on River Street-cross the Middle Covered Bridge and turn right. Riverside Cemetery is situated in West Woodstock on Route 4.


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