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  1. Kevin Gomez

    Dear Ms. Harville:
    I was touched by reading your beautiful and moving portrait of your family and heritage. Humility and and Heritage are two important values to pass on to our children, whic I hope to do with y family. I’m sure that Pres and Mrs. Coolidge along with your grandparents would be so proud of how you are carrying forward their values and legacy not just for your family but for our country, that yearns today for public servants that demonstrate the ideals, integrity, morals, and civic principle of our 3oth first family. God Bless.

  2. chris delgross

    Jennifer; I had the privilege of meeting your grandpa when he was a patient of mine at Hartford Hospital ER in ’98. Walking into the exam room and seeing the name ‘Coolidge’, I half jokingly asked the obvious question ‘any relation to Calvin?’ he replied, somewhat sheepishly, ‘I’m his son’. HOLY SMOKES! My patient is an historical figure! Needless to say, I had many non-medical questions for him which he cheerfully answered, including how ‘drafty’ the White House was and the tragic loss of his brother. Meeting your grandpa was one of the highlights of my career!

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