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November 24, 2010

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From the Pomfret School
During the height of the foliage season, The Pomfret School’s fifth and sixth grade students successfully hiked nearly four miles of the most famous long distance trail in the country: the Appalachian Trail. Before their hike, the group of young hikers was inspired by a presentation on endurance hiking by a local thru-hiker and another presentation on nature photography. Through activities introduced by a Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park ranger, students learned natural, cultural, and historical facts of the land in their community as-well-as the recreational benefit of the trail. Pomfret art students participated in the construction of a trail kiosk with the Park Service. The art students have worked on a rotating art exhibit for the kiosk in celebration of the Green Mountain Club’s 100th anniversary. A Trail to Every Classroom is a professional development opportunity for teachers sponsored by the National Park Service and the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.

Student AT Reflections: October 2010

Hiking a hill so steep I can barely breath. The only thing keeping my feet moving is the beautiful scenery. Red, gold, and orange leaves cover the ground. This is one of the many things making the Appalachian Trail such a amazing trail. The other is the view and the fresh air. It feels like I can see for miles. As I breathe the cold crisp air I realize how beautiful our world really is. I feel the true glory of hiking the AT. A chill runs down my spine when the wind blows. I shiver and put my green sweatshirt back under my blue vest. I take one more look around, take a picture, and am on my way. I will never forget the feeling of hiking the Appalachian Trail.
– Abbi Galotti, 6th Grade, The Pomfret School

Hiking, moving on the Appalachian Trail. Walking a trail surrounded by beauty: yellow, green, brown, and red. I’ve never seen such color before and never seen a place like this. The hills so high. Laughing and deep breathing engulf the tight space . . . . With a whole world of yellow approaching, we feel a change of place as if we are in a new world with no one else . . . feeling the yellow seep through our skin, almost sure of a new world. Different thoughts popped in my head; some can’t be answered. That is the beauty of the Pomfret Appalachian Trial.
– Kyle Hansen, 6th Grade, The Pomfret School

Sitting down to have the last bit of snack. I look across the field between two big trees. I notice I only walked one mile and I’m already exhausted and still have another two miles left. How would it feel to be a thru-hiker hiking 2,100 miles? It must be so exhausting to walk that long. Walking three miles wasn’t like walking around the track or walking down the road. It’s exciting mostly when you’re only a few steps away from a break to have water, snack, lunch, or an art project. We also cross two creeks, a couple electric fences, and little wooden ladders built over them. The worst part was when I met the voluminous uphill.
– Cian Smith, 5th Grade, The Pomfret School


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