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November 24, 2010

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Surveys – if the questions asked are properly crafted and are not aimed at seeking responses the asking party would prefer to hear – can be very helpful in making sound decisions.

For example, with the ski season fast approaching we asked visitors to our new website (thevermontstandard.com) to select which of five specific ski areas they planned to ski mostly at this winter.

Not surprisingly, Suicide Six topped the tally at 35%, followed by Killington/Pico with 24%. A somewhat distant third was Okemo with 16%, Ascutny Mountain (which recently announced it won’t open this season) garnered 8%, Dartmouth Skiway earned 5% and Stratton, 1%. 11% of all other respondents preferred areas other than the five choices offered. Survey responses such as these will help us balance the news content we carry on area ski activities this year.

This week also begins a new survey on our website which seeks public input on bullying in local schools. Is it really a problem? How serious? What can be done about it? How important is it for people outside the schools to learn more and become personally involved in solutions? We urge citizens to locate the poll at thevermontstandard.com and offer their views. Remember, website responses need not include your identity – unless you wish it.

Another survey currently running on our website, as well as in our print edition, seeks your views on what types of outdoor and indoor activities you prefer to engage in during the winter and early spring.

Again, your responses will help us discern the kinds of information you want and need us to provide in print and on the web. As an incentive to participate, we’ll enter you in drawings for dinner out at some great area restaurants!

Phil Camp


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