Making Democracy Work: Editorial

November 24, 2010

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The people who waded through the confusion and negativity of most statewide contests for public office plus the difficult choices they needed to make in many local races, are to be commended for getting out to vote last Tuesday.
However, making that trip to the polls was only part of the job! Now it’s time to hold the toes of elected officials to the fire to make certain they deliver what they prescribed or promised. If indeed the majority has spoken – have endorsed what winning candidates expressed – then it is imperative that the will of the majority be assured. That’s democracy!
The elections may be over, but the process of successful candidates keeping the electorate informed and of citizens in turn insisting their needs be met by those they voted for must be constant. All too often this vital 2-way processes gets forgotten – deemed unnecessary or too time consuming by both sides.
Throughout the year the Vermont Standard will identify state, regional and local elected officials and how to reach them in our print edition and on our website (, enabling citizens to voice opinions and make suggestions which help officials do what they were sent to Montpelier to do. Without regular citizen input, it’s too easy for many campaign promises to get sidetracked or forgotten.
Phil Camp


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