Bob Cavnar At Woodstock History Center

December 23, 2010

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By Gwen Stanley
Standard Staff
Author and former oilman Bob Cavnar spoke to a crowd of about thirty at the Woodstock History Center Sunday afternoon. Cavnar, author of the book “Disaster on the Horizon,” spoke about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and the fire and subsequent sinking of the floating drilling platform the “Deepwater Horizon” in both technical and emotional terms.
Speaking in front of projected photos from the Coast Guard of wreckage from the spill showing a wall of flames 75 feet high, Cavnar detailed the specific theories on what caused the disaster.
“BP’s report named eight separate causes, but only took responsibility for two of those,” said Cavnar, who lives in Woodstock part-time.
Cavnar noted that the full impact of the spill simply won’t be fully known for many years.
Cavnar, who now runs a natural gas production company, became emotional as he read a list of the 11 people killed the night of the catastrophe and the families they left behind, and he could not finish the list. “I’m sorry, this is just too much – I can never make it through the list,” he said.
Cavnar’s book, which goes into detail about what may have caused the spill, industry policies and where we might go from here, is available from local publisher Chelsea Green.


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