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  1. Andrew Tuthill

    Bullying has always been a problem in Woodstock schools. In that system you have the absolute”haves” and the absolute “have nots”, and a lot of folks in between. In the years that I attended the Woodstock school system how you were treated had a lot to do with how your name was spelled and I don’t expect that has changed much. I have a lot of good memories of the years I went to school in Woodstock , a lot of people I’d like to see again, and several teachers that I’d like to be able to thank for all that they gave me. Still, I don’t miss the people that looked down their collective noses at me because of what I didn’t have.
    How, or even if, the system looks at a bullying problem is going to rely on the courage and integrity of the current administration and local civic leaders. Fortunately, with the advances in national media and news distribution these kinds of problems get a lot more recognition leading to an environment more conducive to action and change. I hope it all works out

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