The Pomfret Emergency Services Seeks Contributions For New Equipment

December 23, 2010

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by Chuck Gundersen
Pomfret News
I received this note from Kevin Geiger:
For the past year the Pomfret Emergency Services Commission has been working with our town’s emergency responders to meet Federal Communications Commission (FCC) mandates to “narrowband” our current Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) radio channels and to get grants to buy new radios to replace current equipment that will become obsolete in 2013.
Through a series of three grant submissions we have applied for almost $80,000 for radio equipment. To date we have been awarded approximately $50,000 to replace all of our pagers and portable radios as well as a few vehicle radios. We are hoping for an additional $30,000 to add more powerful repeaters and radios for the rest of the emergency vehicles.
These grants have matching requirements and the PESC expects that the town’s contribution to all of this will be in the neighborhood of $20,000, some of which the PESC has already been able to cover.
These replacement radios and equipment will enhance the ability of our volunteer Fire, Rescue, and EMS personnel to safely perform their jobs and to always have dependable communications throughout town. These more powerful radios will also greatly improve the ability to communicate with other Fire and EMS departments as well as any Police agency responding into Pomfret by use of the new statewide mutual aid channels. The PESC is proud that we have been able to save the town significant funds on expenditures that need to be made.
Joanna Rudge Long of the Abbott Memorial Library Board of Trustees asked me to tell you about what they’ve been up to this year.
They’ve renovated the roof and they’ve completed a new long-range plan for 2010-2014. This is their mission: to inspire children and adults with curiosity and a love of creative expression, while serving the community’s information needs in a warm and welcoming setting.
Here are some of the projects underway:
Creating a new website: Two Pomfret residents are volunteering their professional expertise for web design.
Increasing the number of programs with focus on local interest: Last year’s Winter Speakers Program featured talks on local community services, photography, and New England fiddling. This year we hope to invite more Pomfret folks to share their interests.
Improving technological access: Computer use continues to rise, due to our high-speed internet connection. We need to replace two outdated computers and a photocopier/printer to better serve our patrons.
Improve the outdoor space: Thanks to a grant from Chippers, one of our property lines has been cleaned up and we hope to add plantings in the spring. And we have a new picnic table.
Restoring the Library’s historically significant slate roof: With town funding, major repair is underway. However, the board seeks funding and resources to replace the decorative tiles along the roof seams to restore our historic appearance.
The Trustees also remind us that thirty percent of the annual budget comes from private donations and they’d love to have our support. The address is
Abbott Memorial Library
PO Box 95
South Pomfret, VT 05067
Teago General Store deer report:
Thirty-four reported as of Monday. We had 35 total last year during rifle season, so unless someone comes in with one by dark on Tuesday, we’ll be down by one for the year. Not that many years ago the count would have been above sixty.
Pete Cole takes the honors for biggest buck with his 192 pound eight-pointer. Matt Halik took a 181-pound eight-pointer. Those were the two biggest, but we had a number of good-sized ones weighed in: Richard Maxham 175, Tom Pearsons 171, Alister Howe 172 and Will Emmons 178. All told there were eleven weighing 150 or more.
The biggest set of antlers we’ve seen was an eleven pointer taken by Stefan Schenker. Stefan checked that one in at Locust Creek, but he brought it by and we all had a look at it.
Here’s a trivia question for you. Why might the planet Nibiru, which you’ve probably never heard of, suddenly become very important to you?
Cold outside the store on these early December mornings, but it’s warm in here. It smells like fried eggs, bacon, sausage and coffee. Stop in and visit; bring some news. Otherwise, call me at 457-1626 or email me at  


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