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  1. Werner Bartlau

    Just want to let Bob Hendrick know that Darwin told me stories about the bomb shelters at the Billings Mansion – one of them he told me last year included his suspicion that they were not safe, and were slowly buckling (specifically the one in front of the Mansion). So he really did believe you – even after all those years.

    Grandpa had so many wonderful stories – he was so adept in telling them that you felt you were immersed in the experience too, and that it happen just a short time ago despite the fact they had happened many decades in the past. He was able, at least for me, to make me understand somewhat what life was actually like during his early years, and in those times when Vermont was a more isolated, self-reliant, close knit place.

    We love him, and miss him greatly.

  2. Mark Hoadley

    Darwin was an invaluable store of information about our family history. I will be forever greatful for the things he was able to show me, that I can now pass on to my son. I will never forget the good times that I spent with him, walking through the woods, finding the places where our ancestors lived. He was a kind man, and his passing is a great loss.

  3. jean stewart andrews

    Darwin was a cousin i never got to met but will see you
    in peace and my sympathy to your family

  4. Bob Hendrick

    I knew Darwin because I grew up in South Woodstock and knew the Hoadley family and later on worked with him while I was painting and then plumbing in the Woodstock area. My favorite story comes from when we were working in the bomb shelters at the Billings Mansion. Dave Millen and I were able to convince Darwin (at least I think he was;maybe he was just playing too) that the walls of the steel oil tanks that were the shelters were buckling and caving in. He seemed to be really spooked by the idea (which was all it was; they weren’t really doing anything) and would leave and go outside every time we pressed the issue. A Great Guy and a good friend has left us, and will be remembered fondly by all of his friends. Bob Hendrick

  5. Charles "Skip" Wright

    Darwin Hoadley dropped his gun on February 8th, 2011,…and grew some wings. The following picture, taken a few years earlier, at the Homestead in Woodstock, shows one of the very few times he let Mona get ahead of him,.

    Click here to see photo

    We, the members of the “Long Hill Rabbit Hunters Association” vouch for the authenticity of the above photo.

    Micheal Joseph Wright
    Scott Wright
    Sue (My name is Sue…and I am a Beagle)
    Charles “Skip” Wright

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