WUMS Gym Drying Off After Flood

February 24, 2011

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By Gareth Henderson
Standard Staff
The gym at Woodstock Union Middle School is drying off after a Jan. 16 flood that dumped 75 gallons of water onto the floor from a burst pipe.
Williston-based Servpro has had their equipment in the gym to address the problem and started to pull their equipment this week, according to WUMS/HS Building and Grounds Director Al Legacy. He believed that the cost of the repairs was covered by the school’s insurance.
Legacy said school officials should know by the end of this week when classes can resume in the middle school gym – adding that there probably won’t be any basketball in that space for the rest of the year. In the meantime, WUMS gym classes have been held in the Dailey Gym, Legacy said, where the floor has been divided in half between middle school and high school classes. WUMS gym students have also been skating at Union Arena.
The flood, which left a half-inch of water on the WUMS gym floor, was discovered at about noon on Sunday, Jan. 16. Legacy said it was caused by a half-inch copper pipe that froze and burst. The pipe has since been reinsulated and fixed. Right after the damage was discovered, the school immediately moved in its high-powered vacuum to start the clean-up, before Servpro was called in.
The damage wasn’t limited to the gym floor. The water leaked onto several dozen ceiling tiles in a middle school shop classroom below the gym and also a damaged a couple of lights. Legacy said the ceiling tiles and lights will be replaced, and the maintenance department was able to save a couple of computers.
The drying process continued at the WUMS gym this week, as classes continued to share the Dailey Gym at the high school.
“It’s 85 degrees up there [at the WUMS gym], as hot as we can make it,” Legacy said Monday.
He was confident that the concrete and sub-floor could be saved.
“It doesn’t look bad at all,” Legacy said, adding that the clean-up process was going well.
Tarps covered the WUMS gym floor, and Servpro’s work was wrapping up.
“They’re starting to pull some of their equipment now,” Legacy said.
The floor will need replacing, but Legacy said that would happen later in the year when class is not in session. Legacy said the project will be noisy, and the oil sealant needed for the new floor will have a very strong odor.

This article first appeared in the February 3rd print edition of the Vermont Standard.


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