100-pound Bundle Of Joy Welcomed At Moore Farm

April 20, 2011

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by Vivan Moore, Sharon News
Our excitement of the week here on the farm was the birth of the only calf expected to be born in our barn for the season. Mama is a very old cow and things were difficult, but at sometime about 10:30 p.m. the three assistants managed to help the calf into the world, breathing on its own. It is unusually large, estimated at nearing 100 lbs and bouncing all over the pen like a lamb. He is just old enough today to begin to chase the sawdust shovel and follow human legs.
Sugaring is waiting for Lady Spring – still – and we are yet hopeful as there is still a deep groundcover of snow. I have been able to resume pruning trees on top of the crust of snow.
Some of you may remember the book I published a few years back called ‘Paddy, A Ruffed Grouse Choses Our Farm.’ We ran out of the second printing and have just released a revised edition with much more color and added prints of Paddy.
This morning Emily Grube reported that near Peter Brooke’s home on Howe Hill on the Pomfret side, a partridge is clowning around on the road. He apparently chased her truck as she came over to feed the cattle. So beware if you should travel over Howe Hill to Pomfret. We don’t want any of Paddy’s relatives to be traffic fatalities!
Note to 2011 high school graduates of Sharon and Pomfret. Two scholarships are coming available. Pomfret students and parents should watch for mailings. Sharon students please check in your school guidance office. There has been little request for the scholarships in recent years and we hope to see more activity.
Denny Hewitt’s friends in Pomfret and Sharon continue to wish him courage and patience as he heals from a serious fall this winter.


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