Auction Raises Nearly $18,000 For The Barnard Academy

April 27, 2011

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by Kim Furlong & Carolyn Dicicco
Across The Counter News From Barnard General Store
Hello from Across the Counter. All of us at the Barnard General Store were very saddened to learn of Jake Doyle’s passing. Jake was a quiet, thoughtful young man whose presence will be missed. Our thoughts and condolences go to Jake’s family and friends as they move through this very difficult time in their lives.
Carolyn and I missed what seems to be the event of the year here in Barnard last Saturday night!
While we were enjoying Carolyn’s parent’s 60th Wedding Anniversary Celebration at their home in New Braintree MA a very successful Man Auction took place at the Barnard Town Hall. Congratulations to the parents of Barnard Academy’s students who were on the committee that created this event that raised close to $18,000, that’s right 18 thousand dollars! Wow, what a success.
Those I spoke to said Chris Powers did a fabulous job as auctioneer and that those who were part of the live auction were entertaining and earned their bids by working the crowd.
The night continued to bring people together when Bow Thayer and the Perfect train Wreck hit the stage and a whole new crowd mingled with the rest who were ready to cut loose and dance until midnight! What a night! The attention to details, the diversity of what was offered and the spirit that permeated this event was the perfect formula for success. We look forward to being a part of this event next year.
It goes without saying that most of us are done with winter! These last few snowstorms have literally left us cold; there are very few folks who have expressed joy, though it has been beautiful.
One conversation I heard was rather comical as they were saying “talk about road rage, what about snow rage, I’ve had it! Followed by “yeah, not only have they run out of salt and sand now we’ve run out of patience”!
The road crews have been challenged with muddy conditions compounded by slippery snow on top. Early hours and gut instincts have to be relied on to get the job done when the variables become so extreme.
It is amazing how far away spring seems to be given the amount of snow still on the ground and the fact that the ice on Silver Lake is still up to the edge of the shoreline.
I believe George is destined to break records this year with the ice being as thick as three feet and more. It will be very interesting to see how long George floats on his island on the lake! Be sure to place your bet and see how close you can get to the day and hour George will take the plunge!
Plans for the 250th celebration of Barnard’s Charter are taking form and soon we will have an agenda of events for you to put on your calendars. The committee that has formed has enjoyed planning what we hope to be fun and informative events throughout the year. The next meeting will be on Monday, April 11 at 7 at the Town Hall and everyone is welcome to attend and take part in the process.
Until next week we hope to see you placing your bet on George Across the Counter!

This article first appeared in the April 7th print edition of the Vermont Standard, Woodstock VT.


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