George The Dummy Is Out On The Ice Waiting To Take That Icy Plunge

April 7, 2011

in Barnard,News

by Kim Furlong & Carolyn DiCicco
Across the Counter, News From Barnard General Store
Hello from Across the Counter. Check out that sun! The days are longer warmer and even brighter. You can feel the difference, spring is in the air. By the time this is printed George will be on the ice waiting for the sun to melt all that ice so he can take a swim. Bets are open so come in and place yours on the day and time you think George will take the plunge. All bets are $2 and will remain open until George is surrounded by water. Bets will jump to $5 a guess for the month of April so get your bet in early!
A final thank you goes to Charlie for his amazing effort this winter clearing the lake for our community to enjoy. Charlie was presented with a check from the recreation department at the Mardi Gras Farm to School Skating Party. It was a perfect ending to a great winter on ice! Who would have imagined the amount of snow that would fall when we first asked Charlie if he would consider keeping the ice clear. What a commitment! We won’t talk about next year yet!
Town Meeting came and went with the ease of a well-planned event. Good news for the Celebrating Barnard Committee who now have a budget to work with as we plan events to celebrate Barnard’s 250th birthday. Plans are coming together and we will have a schedule of events posted after our next meeting, Monday, March 28. This is an open meeting and we invite anyone interested in being part of the process to join us at 7 at the Barnard Town Hall.
We ask that all clubs and organizations please be represented at these meetings so we can give a full overview of all that happens in our town. It would be a shame not to represent all of Barnard. Please encourage members of your groups to present some kind of history of your organization so we can then present it to the entire town at one or more of the events planned.
Barbara Butler of the Progressive Club wanted to express the club’s gratitude to those who have supported their Town Meeting Day Lunch. Members always enjoy this event and thank the community for making it such a success. The progressive Club will be offering another scholarship this year to a graduating senior who will be furthering their education. Letters will be sent to seniors graduating from the Woodstock Union High School.
If there are any other residents graduating this spring and would like to apply for this scholarship, please contact Barbara Kelley at 457-2719. Since 1986 over $14,000 has been awarded to Barnard graduating seniors.
Have any new men stepped up to offer their services, skills or donated item? This is your chance to contribute to the first Annual Man Auction being held at the Town Hall on Saturday April, 2.
Perhaps you are someone who is willing to be the highest bidder to obtain some of the wonderful services or items being offered.
This is your opportunity to have fun showing your support of the Barnard Academy. This is an adult event with a cash bar and appetizers.
Following the live Auction on Stage with Auctioneer Chris Powel there will be a $5 cover charge for Bow Thayer and Perfect train Wreck who will be performing live at 9. This is an evening you will not want to miss! Sign up today and become part of the action on stage. What service can you offer? How high are you willing to bid?
Until next week enjoy this beautiful weather and we hope to see you Across the Counter.

This article first appeared in the March 17th print edition of the Vermont Standard.


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