Local Tea Party Meets

April 27, 2011

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To The Editor:
Our nation faces an increasingly dire financial picture as Federal and State government spending spirals out of control.  In the face of ever-growing debt and an endless stream of unbalanced budgets, citizens across our nation have lost faith in the two dominant political parties, each of which has consistently fielded candidates who campaign one way then govern in a completely different fashion.   
With this backdrop a grass roots movement in the form of the T. E. A. Party (Taxed Enough Already) has evolved.  From its onset, the T. E. A. party has been besieged with negative press and baseless unfounded accusations of extremism.  As such an unjustifiable stigma is often accepted by the uninformed as conventional wisdom.
Herald readers should be aware that the T.E.A. Party is guided by three basic tenets: 1) fiscal responsibility; 2) constitutionally limited government; and 3) free markets.  Far from being extreme, these core principles are among the building blocks upon which our nation was created, which led to the greatest standard of living that common people have ever experienced.  But today we have leaders who ignore fiscal responsibility as they run up a $14 Trillion national debt and continue to erode the future of our children and grandchildren.  We have had Presidents, Congressmen and Senators who ignore enumerated powers and assume responsibilities intended for the States.  Those same “leaders” undermine our free market economy with an ever-increasing labyrinth of regulations.  According to reports some 80,000 more pages of regulations were added in 2010 alone.  It is difficult to see how it is “extreme” to oppose these encroachments on our liberties. 
The formation of a local Chapter of the T.E.A. Party was begun last week when 12 concerned citizens from Sharon, South Royalton and Bethel came together to share concerns and ideas.  That group is meeting again on Saturday, April 9, at 6 p.m. at the South Royalton public library.  All are welcome.  The only price of participation is courtesy and intellectual honesty.  Anyone with questions may call me at 763-7906.
Dick Tracy

This article first appeared in the April 7th print edition of the Vermont Standard, Woodstock VT.


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