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All Bode’s Well: Blog #8 – Charleston, SC

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Joan Randall, a Woodstock resident, set out on a journey to “Discover America” she has agreed to share her stories with the readers of the Vermont Standard.
These are her stories.
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Blog #8

Charleston is a romantic city. The historic end of town with its stately homes reminded me of San Francisco, strange as that may sound. We parked the car in Battery Park and took a casual stroll through the Historic District. The streets were filled with tourists taking in the sights, both on foot and horse drawn carriages. I was forewarned at the welcome center that the Historic District was not dog friendly and we would not be allowed in any shops or sidewalk cafes. Knowing this we planned an hour walking tour and would travel on to Hilton Head, famous for being dog friendly.


When you enter Hilton Head Island it has a confusing layout. Where are the beaches? What are all these gated plantations? It turns out to be a well-designed resort community and it really has a nice feel to it once you get the lay of the land. The first order of business was to find a reasonably priced dog-friendly hotel. Dog- friendly hotels were easy to find, reasonably priced was another matter. This is an upscale resort town. I was hoping to stay at the private home of a friend of a friend, actually on a private island here, but that did not materialize. So finding last minute accommodations on a Friday night before a major PGA tournament was a bit of a challenge. Even Diana, my girlfriend and travel agent, was not finding any bargains. Also, pet-friendly hotels only allot so many rooms for pets and once those are filled you are out of luck. I was becoming frustrated so I thought it was a good time to take a stroll on the beach and get something to eat. We left Charleston at 1 p.m. and never stopped for lunch, would anyone even be serving at this hour?

As we turned around on our beach walk to head back to the Jeep, Bode made friends with a woman from Jersey, yes Jersey! She and her husband have been coming down her for years. They gave us a list of places to dine, one within walking distance. We liked that, so we headed off in that direction. I was a little skittish after Charleston, so I gingerly popped my head into Bomboras Grille to see if it would be okay for two well-worn travelers to dine on their patio, one being a fur-ball. “Absolutely, we will send a server right out”, was the reply. The next thing you know a woman was placing this adorable dog bowl with fresh water in front of Bode. Bode was excited and hot, and lapped up that water with much appreciation. Later, as we were finishing up our meal, the woman returned, she turned out to be the owner of the restaurant. Stacey Romoser, her husband and the executive chef had just opened a month ago. Currently in the works is a dog menu with human grade food being prepared by a local woman. As fussy as Bode is, I had to wonder if he would eat it. I know a burger or hotdog is more his speed. But, I do hope this idea catches on. What a great concept for those who choose to travel with their dogs. The food was fabulous, reasonably priced and had a great atmosphere. They claim to serve small plates, tapas style, but I beg to differ. I ordered two plates and let’s just say Bode was grateful since he had the majority of the second plate. Feeling human again, we wandered back to the car and settled on a place to stay. After checking in we headed back to the beach for the sunset. Maybe I could let Bode off the leash? He needed to run!

Around 9:30 p.m. my phone range. It is the friend of my dear friends, The Brodrick’s. We supposedly met at a dinner party at their home in Barnard. I was having a hard time recalling this and so was he. Wells Murphy apologized for not being able to put me up and hoped I found a place to stay. A lunch date was set, dog friendly; Bode was able to join along. After meeting Wells, we were able to piece together that we did meet in Barnard. Wells gave us a grand tour of his beautiful island. His home was magnificent. He did not disturb any of the majestic oaks on his property and in fact the house was actually designed around one of the oak trees. The home was filled with light, views of ocean, garden terraces and oak trees. Each and every window had a view that was breathtaking. It was paradise; there were patios and terraces throughout the grounds. Not a thing was overlooked. This is an island; the complexity to bring electricity, building materials, and all the landscaping had to be a project in itself. It certainly was built with love. Bode was in love with this island. He could run free and made immediate friends with Wells dog, Heidi. Together we all traveled back to Hilton Head where Wells gave us a tour. The PGA Heritage tour was evident, all the stages were set, and it was only a matter of days for the action to begin. After the island tour, we went back to the dock to see Wells off for his return to the island. Bode was disappointed when he realized we where not getting back on the boat. As Wells and Heidi departed the dock, Bode ran chasing down the length of the long dock after their vessel, hoping they would turn around and come back for him. It was a sorry sight indeed. I really wondered if Bode would have jumped ship and been content living a life of luxury on the island? I am starting to realize my dog has very high standards. I am not sure where he has gotten this from. Fortunately, Bode does not hold a grudge too long and we returned back to our car to explore more of Hilton Head.
-All Bode’s Well.



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All Bode’s Well: Blog #8 – Charleston, SC Reviewed by on . Joan Randall, a Woodstock resident, set out on a journey to "Discover America" she has agreed to share her stories with the readers of the Vermont Standard. The Joan Randall, a Woodstock resident, set out on a journey to "Discover America" she has agreed to share her stories with the readers of the Vermont Standard. The Rating:
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