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June 22, 2011

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A celebration will be held at a later date for Edward H. Lavin, who passed away peacefully at Mount Ascutney Hospital, June 3, 2011 in Windsor.
Edward was born December 18, 1944 and raised in Brooklyn, New York.
He graduated from Xaverian High School, In Brooklyn, New York. Edward was further educated in St. Michaels College, in Sante Fe, New Mexico and Wagner College, in New Jersey. He was predeceased by father, Edward H. Lavin, Sr. and mother Anne (born Reilly in Edinburgh Scotland).
A dynamic and passionate speaker and leader, Edward has enjoyed addressing hundreds of audiences and thousands of people in various venues and events over several decades.
As a pioneer in the Telecommunications industry, Edward began his career at L.M. Ericsson Company from 1973-1979, where he served as Vice President of sales in the United States.
On his frequent trips to Sweden he met his wife Marjatta, who now survives him, in 1977. This year marks their 33rd year of marriage.
To take advantage of the deregulating market in Canada, he immigrated to Canada 1980, where he founded Canadian Telecommunications Group, CTG, that became Canada’s fastest growing Company in the early 80′s and became Canada’s largest private telecommunications provider. During this period the Canadian Government recognized Edward as one the most successful entrepreneurs. Later CTG was acquired by British Telecom.
Edward returned back home to United Stated 1988 where first he served as President and CEO of TIE Communications. Under Ed’s leadership TIE acquired the majority of its dealers to successfully create one of America’s largest telecom equipment services companies. In 1990, Edward acquired Centel Communications, which immediately merged with the Willliams Company, from Oklahoma. Edward served as CEO of the newly founded Williams Telecommunications.
Williams Telecommunications became America’s fastest growing telecom service provider reaching sales of US$1.4 billion with offices throughout the United States and Canada.
In 1996, Edward led a group, which included BAIN Capital, which acquired Executone Business Solutions, which was headquartered in Connecticut. Under Edward’s leadership Executone was strategically re-positioned to provide both, telecom equipment and network services, for its clients. The company was subsequently acquired by Staples Corporation.
In 2002, Edward started to work on a project that was dear to him. CTG, the company he had started 1980, in Canada, now called Delphi Solutions, was looking for new ownership. Edward purchased the company and served as CEO and President. The company became one more time a vibrant and profitable telecom service provider, strategically aligned with some of Canada’s major network providers and equipment manufactures.
In 2005, the company was acquired by MTS Allstream in, a leading communications solutions provider with a world-class portfolio of connectivity, management services and profes-sional services. Edward served as President of the company until his retirement, due his medical condition in 2008.
Edward Lavin used his life experiences and successes to motivate and inspire groups, whether the topics were technical in nature, or simply making the most of yourself and your business. Ed Lavin was a benefactor to young people, including the Boys and Girls Village in Connecticut.
Memorial Donations may be made to Edward H. Lavin Memorial Fund at University of California, San Diego Founda-tion Fund #3923, Dr. Beatrice Golomb (statin) research office at UC San Diego, 9500 Gilman Dr. MC 0995 La Jolla, CA 92093-0995.


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