Killington Unveils New Municipal Brand Identity

July 20, 2011

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KILLINGTON —  The Town of Killington has installed colorful new street pole banners to welcome travelers and promote a new municipal brand.
The banners, which are displayed along the Route 4/Route 100 access corridor in Killington, help establish a point of arrival for the resort community, and signal a broader re-branding of the entire community.
“These banners and the new design they display are the first of many steps we are taking to unify our Town’s branding” says Seth Webb, Killington’s Economic Development and Tourism Director.  “We’ve elected to build on the equity of Killington Resort’s strong brand for synergy, using similar colors and characteristics, but we’ve also made sure we create something that is uniquely distinct.  We believe the new look will help tie us together visually as a community.”
The town’s rebranding initiative extends far beyond the new design that adorns the pole banners.  Plans also include updated logos and signage for the various departments and frequented places within the town including the Library, Recreation and Parks Department, the Elementary School, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Discover Killington and Town’s websites.
Jennifer Iannantuoni is the chair of the Killington Elementary School Board, and recently approved the school’s name change from Sherburne Elementary to Killington Elementary.  “We are very pleased to be onboard with the rebranding initiative.  It makes great sense for the community as well as for our identity as the school.”  
The new logo design was developed after workshops with stakeholders in town, meetings with groups and business leaders that interact and are major contributors to the region’s economic development landscape.  Place Creative of Winooski, Vermont was designed and executed the new brand, and the Killington Resort’s logo and color scheme provided a starting point for the design process.
“We are very supportive of the EDT’s efforts to rebrand the town,” says Rob Megnin,  Director of Marketing and Sales for the Killington Resort.  “By working together on this exciting and important initiative, we’ll help build a stronger community and project a more unified brand identity to our visitors.”
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This article first appeared in the June 30th print edition of the Vermont Standard.


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