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West Windsor Could See Redistricting Of Voters

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by Tom Kenyon
West Windsor News

TAX RATES: Subject to a vote by the Selectboard it appears the tax rates for this year will total $1.5253 for Homestead (last year it was $1.58) and for Nonresidential it will be $1.6909 (last year it was $1.7447). This is pretty good because the Grand List has decreased over $10 million in this same period.  
July 3: Stolen water tank (horse)
July 6: Littering complaint, Stolen road sign
July 8: Welfare check
July 9: Dog complaint, Medical problem
TREES: Update. CVPS was here to inspect and prepare to remove a number of poplar trees along Route 44 and Bible Hill Road to end this loss of power during so many of our local storms. After further inspection with one of the landowners several trees will not be cut because these trees appear to be sound and storm proof. Again, our sincere appreciation goes to the local property owners for their cooperation in hopefully stopping these power outages because of those trees. The actual tree removal work will now likely be done the first week in August.
COON CLUB: Meeting of the membership was last Thursday and it was a very busy meeting.
(a) Bow Classes will commence at 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 13 and recommence at 8:30 a.m. on Sunday, Aug. 14 and end at around 2 p.m. that day.
(b) The Club will have its Turkey Shoot game at the Cornish Fair in August.
(c) Our fantastic Wild Game Supper will be held on Saturday, Sept. 17. The serving times have not officially been set yet.  Need to check with the chef.
(d) Again congratulations to John Richardson (ticket #76) for his winning the club’s gun raffle.
(e) The club thanked club member Steve Cottrell and he thanked the members for all the shared friendship over these past years.
(f) Work on the bylaws continues. It was decided the unaccepted minutes of the meetings will now be e-mailed to the members a few days after each meeting in order to keep the members more informed. Some members forget when it is their turn to bring refreshments.
(g) The members almost earned enough at the Brownsville 4th to send one youth to Conservation Camp this summer. Some funds will be drawn from the “Brownie” Fund to send that youth and another youth to camp
FLAG POLE: I note the town hall flag pole was given a couple of coats of white paint by Steve Hutt during the week before the 4th and then the pole was put back in place on Sunday thanks to the fire department volunteers.  We note our sincere appreciation to Steve Hutt who donated the paint work. Thanks again Steve.
BROWNSVILLE COMMUNITY CHURCH: Sunday worship is at 9 a.m. each Sunday. Pastor Cheryl and the church secretary have their office hours on each Thursday morning, roughly 9 to noon at the Brownsville Church (484-5944) or bchurch@wavecomm.com  or drop a note to P.O. Box 176 Brownsville, Vt.  05037. Pastor Cheryl is also available via 1-802-291-2494.
Reminder: The last Sunday of the Month is Youth Sunday. In July it will be July 31st. Noisy offering will be taken by the youth.  
It is summer vacation time and yet there was an extra large turnout for this past Sunday’s Service.
The Church Outreach Committee members timely delivered to the local food kitchen all of the food left over from the 4th of July Breakfast and the Baked Bean Supper. Everyone was most grateful for the food.    
FIRE DEPT.: Members are considering changing the monthly meeting start time to 7 p.m. on the first Wednesday of the month.
New volunteer member voted in: Warren Cavicchi (Cow Shed Trail).
One fire call was to the Essex Building at the Resort late Sunday evening. Faulty detector.
Our condolences go out to the Hartland Fire Department for the untimely loss of a member of their department.    
FAST SQUAD: One call to a residence on Cemetery Road. Individual transported to the hospital for observation.
FAWNS: Yes, the baby deer are everywhere. If you spot one please leave it alone for mother is not far away.
TAC MEETING: The regional Transportation Advisory Committee had a meeting this past Wednesday to hear the State’s and federal plan to replace the I-91 bridge(s) over route 44 in the next few years. It appears route 44 will have to be shut down for brief times while the work is being done. This project is several years away.  
HISTORICAL SOCIETY: No Directors’ meeting in July. Work has commenced on the furnace’s return-air duct system. It never has had the correct return system.
SELECT BOARD: Regular meeting of the Board was on Monday, July 11. Details next week.
M. L. B. LIBRARY:  Librarian Tony Pikramenos notes the library is open on Wednesdays, from 4 to 6 and on Fridays, from 2 to 6.
Monthly meeting of the Trustees is set for Friday, July 15, at 4 p.m.
The roof installation is now scheduled for the third week in July.  
SKI AREA: Rumors are everywhere about a possible sale.
MISSY: Missy has been trying to catch up with a chipmunk in the woodpile. Not having any luck. It is amusing because Missy has her nose stuck way in the woodpile and the chipmunk will let out a squeal from further down the woodpile row just to egg Missy on.
WEATHER: Finally some summer weather.  
LISTERS: Appeals of Listers’ decisions goes to the BCA at 6 p.m. on Thursday, July 14.
THE GARDEN: Ooops. My “yellow summer” squash are coming up green. Something tells me I got the packages switched.
I have been making strawberry jam in anticipation of a long winter. Next will be raspberry jam followed by Concord grape jelly.
HAYING: Some nice weather this past week.
SCHOOL: All is quiet.  
LOOKING AHEAD: Next year, 2012, the 4th of July is on a Wednesday, thanks to it being a leap year.   
GENERAL: Those deerflies have finally come around to pester us.
SELECTBOARD: Some of the business addressed at Monday’s (July 11) regular monthly meeting was:
(a) Town Clerk’s Orders: Treasurer Cathy Archibald presented the orders (which the Board signed) and she gave us the quarterly budget reports. Nothing unexpected and the Board will review and discuss at their August Meeting. No word had been received on maybe a revised bill for the grader repairs.
(b) Public Comments: Dave Halpert presented an update on the status of E. C. Fiber noting some frustration over the past few years in their attempt to obtaining grants and other federal/state funds for the project. Some private funds have been raised noting it costs about $16,000 per mile and the present subscriber costs is $1200 which means all of West Windsor would run around $1.3 million which could be bonded over 5 years.
Lou Lertola made a brief presentation in support of West Windsor raising the property tax exemption for over 50 percent disabled veterans from the present $10,000 to $40,000. West Windsor is one of three towns in Windsor County, which has not done so via a town meeting vote. West Windsor presently has 4 such vets. The Board asked to have the article’s wording forwarded to the town and will consider placing the article on the March warning.
(c) Local tax rate:  Board, after some discussion, set the local tax rate at 29 cents.
(d) Constable’s Report: Ralph had nothing new to report. The Board thanked the delinquent tax collector for his work on the recent tax sale, town received $30,000, and noted that clears up all of 2009.
(e) Highway Foreman: Mike Spackman noted the new truck has arrived, will have some warranty work done this month, and the old truck traded in soon. The grant for the Emergency Road Work Project on Rush Meadow is nearly complete (waiting on paperwork). The next phase of Sheddsville Road bank stabilization work is now scheduled for later this summer. The Silver Hill bridge project is now scheduled for September and the road will be closed for around a week. The two covered bridges may be replanked later this summer. Some major drainage work is in the works to fix the bad mud problems on the bad corner of Coon Club Road and on Cemetery Road near the Avery residence.
(f) Insurance: The Board discussed the recent case of where a Vermont firefighter was injured working in his fire station. Workman’s Comp would not cover the injury and VLCT (provides our same insurance coverage) refused to cover the injury. Board to check with VLCT on the status of our coverage. Meanwhile we will do firefighting, training and parades and the like which we know are covered.
(g) Regional Police Force: Chair updated the Board and presently waiting on Regional Planning to set the next meeting date.
(h) 4th of July: Board thanked one and all for a great 4th of July celebration including the fireworks display.
(i) Town Forest: Board received an update on the status of the management plan. It was noted the Ascutney Trail Association has expressed interest in maintaining at least part of the Bicentennial Trail (the part not under the auspices of STAB).
(j) Recreational Trails: It was discovered that we need an Act 250 permit and an application is in the works. Board signed agreements for the trails around the Resort and will pay for part of the signage and the like. The Board reaffirmed its support of these recreational trails.
(k) Wastewater feasibility study: The Board was updated about the recent A & E meeting and much of the background work has been completed.  On July 19 at 7 pm there will be an informational meeting at the town hall on the status to date and it will include information of possible connection to the sewer line to Windsor and also our own community system.
(l) Fire District: Board was updated and the proposed bylaws are almost in place, it appears legislative approval is not necessary to set up the district. The state favors a district in West Windsor but not a Windsor area district. Work continues.
(m) Tree Warden: Tom noted the tree work along route 44 and Bible Hill is now scheduled for the first part of August.
(n) Meeting schedules: It was suggested that a large wall calendar be put in the downstairs meeting area on which Boards and Commissions could write in the meeting schedules for the public and others to check out. This will hopefully keep all for scheduling meetings at the same time and place.
(o) Coakley vs. DRB: Board was updated and took no action. Appears this is going to the Environmental Court.
(p) Board granted initial highway access to the lot owned by Lee Holstein on Bible Hill.
(q) Tom noted there is a TAC (Transportation Advisory Committee) meeting soon on the planned replacement of the I-91 bridges over Route 44 in the Narrows with the work to be done by 2014 and will cause route 44 to be closed for short periods of time.
(r) Minutes were approved as printed.
(s) Redistricting: Board reviewed present plan to divide West Windsor with some voters going to the Hartland District and some voters going to the Windsor. Board Member Tom Kenyon stated this redistricting idea was “Dumb, and not necessary!”
The Board of Civil Authority will discuss it at their meeting on Thursday.
(t) Next regular meeting is Monday, August 8th.

This article first appeared in the July 14th print edition of the Vermont Standard.

West Windsor Could See Redistricting Of Voters Reviewed by on . by Tom Kenyon West Windsor News TAX RATES: Subject to a vote by the Selectboard it appears the tax rates for this year will total $1.5253 for Homestead (last ye by Tom Kenyon West Windsor News TAX RATES: Subject to a vote by the Selectboard it appears the tax rates for this year will total $1.5253 for Homestead (last ye Rating:
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