Woodstock: 60 Years Ago-When Will The Spending Stop?

July 27, 2011

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by Bob Kelly
Woodstock: 60 Years Ago

The picture this week was sent to me by Harold Potter, WHS Class of 1944. I don’t know where the tournament was played. I guess the bowling alleys at the Recreational Center are long gone and I don’t know if there are any in the Woodstock area. I do remember setting up pins at the Rec Center before they got the automatic pinsetters. That could be a dangerous job as sometimes the small pins would fly and you had to duck to avoid being hit. The only other bowling alleys in Woodstock in those days were at the Billings Mansion and of course were private. That didn’t stop us from sneaking in on occasions and bowl a few strings after our nighttime swim in the private pool. What do kids do today without either of those facilities around?

The political scene gets a little more scary every week as the Federal deficit continues to grow and the politicians continue to point their fingers at the other party. The Democrats say tax the rich and the Republicans say stop the spending. And neither happens. Every Congressman wants more money for his own state so the pork barrel spending continues.
Last week Mrs. Obama flew to Vermont, at our expense, to campaign for her husband. A hundred Vermonters paid $5000 each to attend a dinner with her. She spent 20 minutes visiting with military dependents in order to justify the expense of flying to Burlington. I understand that even Woodstock’s Trolley is paid for by Federal money. Where will it stop?
Maybe in a year and a half a new administration will be in the White House and maybe something different will happen. If not, then things will continue for another four years and only get worse. You would think that our elected officials would recognize the danger and get serious about compromising in order to save the good old USA from bankruptcy. We’ll see.

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This article first appeared in the July 8th print edition of the Vermont Standard.


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