Letter To The Editor: He Will Run

August 10, 2011

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To the Editor:
As a former contributor to The Standard, I want readers to be the first to know of my decision to declare my candidacy for the Republican nomination for President (possibly as an Independent Republican). Other than a small coterie of friends and advisors, you are the first to know. The Republican convention is still far in the future, of course, and my campaign will be very low key for the present. Why, you ask, would I commit myself to the arduous process of standing for President? Here are a few reasons:
• I am a member of an exclusive group – an American male in the 85-89 age bracket, representing only 4/1000 of our population. By the time I reach 90 (if I do), I will be in the1/1000th segment! Thus, I offer something no other candidate can match – over 8 decades of experience. The fact that I might not last through my first term is also an advantage. Instead of trying to position myself for a second term, I will concentrate on delivering results ASAP.
• Other candidates have a head start, but I have another unique asset – my memory. (Yes, I still have it.) I won’t pretend I remember the Crash of ’29 – I was only four years old when it occurred. But I sure remember the Great Depression. I grew up in it. The Great Depression ended with World War II, but another war is the last thing we need. We need to concentrate on restoring the economic health of our country, and my long experience will help.
• I am a combat veteran of WWII. None of the other candidates have the perspective I have on committing our nation to fight in far-off places.
• I have expertise in large infrastructure projects, including the Channel Tunnel and the James Bay Hydro complex, and can bring sorely needed know-how to addressing our needs in this area. I know a lot about energy, too, and can put the nation on a common-sense path to energy independence.
The challenges facing our nation are well known, but politicians from both parties seem to be more interested in posturing than in coming together to resolve matters. I will change all that by chastising Democrats and Republicans alike if they try to obstruct my programs.
In due course, I will evaluate the other candidates. Oh, I forgot to mention – taxes will have to be increased and entitlements reduced or eliminated. I expect my candidacy will be welcomed by people with common sense, regardless of party affiliation, but please do not send me money at this time.
P. G. Behr
South Woodstock


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