District Court Report: Taftsville Woman Accused Of Disorderly Conduct

by Eric Francis,
District Court Report
Jennifer Mandarino, 42, of Taftsville pleaded innocent to misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and of unlawful mischief for allegedly breaking a table umbrella during a heated argument between neighbors about a property line on Wood Road.  Hartford Police Officer Mark McComas wrote that on July 3rd Mandarino was one of four people who were engaged in a dispute with Josiah Lupton, 62, who objected to the way that a vehicle had been driven on a shared right-of-way.  Lupton told police he felt that he’d been assaulted by Mandario, who he said had shoved his shoulder backward during the argument.  Then, according to McComas, Lupton reached out and shoved Officer Chris O’Keefe backwards to demonstrate.  “Officer O’Keefe responded by shoving Lupton away from him to put space between them to prevent an assault,” McComas wrote, continuing, “After the shove, Officer O’Keefe reached for the digital recorder that was in Lupton’s hand.  Lupton refused to release it from his grasp and O’Keefe forced it from him.  After the threat was gone, the recorder was handed back to Lupton.  I immediately took over the conversation with Lupton to divert his attention to me.  I explained that what he had just done was assault an officer.  I advised him of the severity of his actions and he appeared to understand.  He stated that he was just trying to show the extent of the assault from Mandarino.  He apologized to Officer O’Keefe.”
McComas said that after Lupton was told that, since he had stated the shove from Mandarino did not cause him any physical pain, the police would not be arresting her, “Lupton became extremely irate and aggressive” in his discussions with police.  The disorderly conduct charge was lodged against Mandarino ten days later on July 13 after Lupton called police, backed up by an eyewitness, alleged that Mandarino had come over onto his property despite have been told not to cross the line and engaged in another heated argument with Lupton.

Drunk Driving Charges
James Griswold, 47, of White River Junction was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after Windham County Sheriff’s Deputies providing traffic control at a construction zone on Interstate 91 noticed a car being driven inside the coned off area and flagged down the errant vehicle.  The deputies said that while speaking to Griswold about why he was on the wrong part of the road they became convinced he was intoxicated and he was arrested, processed at the Hartford Police Department, and cited to answer the DUI charge on September 20 in Windsor Criminal Court.

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