Knapp Brook Washes Out Bridge On Niagara Street In Reading

September 2, 2011

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By Risa Mornis
Reading News
I am writing from the high perch of the Mornis household, fortunately free of water damage due to living on a hill. We are fortunate in this way and also because we have power, but like so many others, we are stranded- unable to get up or down our road due to flooding and road damage.
The Knapp Brook rerouted itself over the bottom of the road and washed out the top of the road. Route 106 south of Reading is impassable due to the destroyed bridge at Niagara Street at the south end of the village.
Jimmy Hasson and others near the Knapp Ponds are stranded between his bridge and the damaged logging roads above and to the north of them. Cavendish town evacuated many of its residents to its school but lost its town water supply.
The Reading Elementary School survived with minimal harm to its lower levels, but houses in front of the school sustained major damage.
If you are a Reading resident and are stranded or in need of assistance, call the Reading Fire Department to let them know of your situation, 484-3473.
Ironically, I was visiting family on the Outer Banks of NC at the beginning of this week and managed to get out of there just in time, only to be affected by Irene at home on my own turf.
We were there when they evacuated visitors from Nag’s Head. I thought I was very lucky to get a flight out of Newport News early Friday night!
School has been postponed until Sept. 6, a tentative start date at best, until more is known about the condition of our roads.
Please call or email me if you have information to share and are able to help your neighbors in any way: 484-9283. As I find out more I will pass it on. Until next thyme.

This article was first published on September 2nd edition of the Vermont Standard.


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