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  1. Martin Silver

    Having attended the wonderfull and life-transforming. Farm and Wilderness Foundation in 1972 . I must testify to the beauty, integrity, and back to nature philosophy of these great camps in the Plymouth Vermont area. I to Tamarack Farm in the summer of 1972 to see if this was the place for me to be after having gone through a drug problem and emotional breakdown at the ripe age of 21 years. When I found the camp nestled inbetween two mountains in Ludlow, Vermont. What pastoral and wild beauty indeed! As I drove up the dirt road to the not yet occupied camps, I wondered if anyone was there to greet me and then in a little garden on the right a very old and finely wrinkled man tending this green garden. I got out of the my little MG andand said hello. Ir was then that I noticed the fellow was in his birthday suit! What a pleasant welcome Kenneth Webb then gave as a wonderfull and lifevchanging journey began. My eternal thanks and blessings.

  2. Mary Lou Brockway Keith

    Deepest sympathy is extended to the children of Susan Webb from Mary Lou Brockway Keith and husband Theodore Keith of Woodstock.
    Mrs. Webb was a very special lady who gave so much to the youth of Vermont through the camp she and her husband founded and through her kind attention to the needs of the children.
    A special note to Susan Hammond with whom I attended Middle School in Woodstock in the 1940’s. I spent many hours with you and your family and missed your friendship when you left our school.
    Your Mother will be remembered by all whom she taught and befriended.

    Mary Lou Brockway Keith
    598 East Woodstock Rd.
    Woodstock, VT 05091

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