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  1. Kim A

    I’m thankful that I have the right to vote for somebody else for Governor when your term is over. After working all spring, summer and fall on my seasonal job as a road paver, I found out yesterday when I went to open a new unemployment benefit claim that I was only to receive $130.oo a week due to the new laws. Last year I worked the same job and received $330.00 a week in benefits during the winter. I asked the woman on the other end of the phone who works for the VDOL if I could work a pt job to pick up more income and she told me that if I worked a job that made over $70.00 a week it would cancel my benefits. Last yr. I could make over $120.00 to supplement my benefits with no repercussions. How can I live on $200.00 a week here in Vermont winters with LP at $3.90 a gal. and pay the rest of my bills? Maybe Gov. Shumlin’s friend who also works a seasonal job then goes south for four months while collecting unemployment has no choice because he can’t afford to live here in the winter. No snow tires, no $250.00 fine if he goes off the road that wasn’t plowed because he drove at night and there are no snowplows operating at those hrs. I work 60 – 70 hrs. a week , six days a week in the paving season with no vacation ….and this is how you treat your working people of this state. I’d love to pave all yr. long but the weather doesn’t allow this. Its easy to “cut” benefits, why don’t you use some of your creative imagination and think of ways to generate revenue for this state – like tollbooths on the interstate or more “rest areas” on the interstates with income generating stores and gas facilities. Happy Thanksgiving to you Peter, From your seasonal paver

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