Update On Rec Center Buildings And Fields

September 13, 2011

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Irene has come and gone but will not be soon forgotten. I thought it was time to tell our loyal supporters how we are doing:

REC CENTER BUILDING: Suffered major flooding of our lower level with lots of mud including into the small pool. Thanks to our staff and many wonderful volunteers, we have cleaned up the mud and have made substantial progress on restoring the lower level. Fortunately, after pumping our the small pool and removing the mud, it looks like both pools made it through without major damage. We reopened the first floor facilities on September 6 but will not have the use of our showers and bathrooms until more of the work in our lower level is complete.

LITTLE THEATRE: Also suffered extensive flooding in the basement and a great deal of damage to the day care center that was housed there. Harper Environmental has begun the clean-up. After many feet of mud is removed, we will evaluate the heating, plumbing, electrical, and general infrastructure.

VAIL FIELD: Major flooding on the field and into the pavilion. We are working with the Town of Woodstock to evaluate restoration priorities and identify sources of funding.

The good news is we are open and optimistic we can make the Woodstock Recreation Centre better than ever. Come on by, we are open and would love to see you. And of course, any support you can give us would be very much appreciated.

Gail Devine
Executive Director


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