Woodstock’s Water Situation Stabilizing

September 22, 2011

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By Gwen Stanley
Special To The Standard
Things are nearing normal, according to Woodstock Aqueduct Company’s Eric Wegner.
Wegner said Wednesday morning that overall operations with the town’s water were coming along as planned and that the water pressure had stabilized.
“I’ve got a full tank here, so there’s plenty of pressure,” he said. “We think we’re caught up in that regard.”
At this point, Wegner said, the goal is to connect the main water pump, which lies near the Elm Street Bridge. The water is still being directed through a fire hose, which replaces the water main that was washed away in the waters of the Ottaquechee River during Tropical Storm Irene. Wegner says it’s just a matter of waiting for work on the sewer system to be done at this point, and after that the water main can be fixed.
“We know where the pump is…we’re just in a holding pattern now waiting for the sewer guys under us. I’m just letting them do their job,” Wegner said.
Last week, the state lifted the boiling order on the town’s water, after determining that using the fire hose was not causing a health risk.
Wegner said there are still small leaks popping up and that this is to be expected.
“We’re in an intermediate stage,” he said, “and once we get this river crossing done we’ll be headed toward normal.”


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