WUHS Students Receive Fundraiser In Their Honor

September 21, 2011

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By Molly Koch
Special To The Standard
When the WUHS Football Team drove to Bellows Free Academy (BFA) Fairfax, they were pumped and ready to play a great game. Never did they expect, however, a barbecue fundraiser in their honor, raising about $700 to the benefit of the WUHS team and the high school.
“All we knew was that they’d feed us after the game,” says Coach McLaughlin. “It wasn’t out of the ordinary because we traveled so far, but the fundraiser was a big surprise, and we were very appreciative of it.”
The funds raised are expected to go towards schools supplies like paper, pencils, binders, and personal items like soap to give to the students who couldn’t get out and buy these items due to the damages from Hurricane Irene.
In addition at the very gracious get-together, the football teams had their pictures taken together, which was sent to be printed in one of the local newspapers. McLaughlin adds, “It was a very nice gesture, considering that these are two schools that are not all friends and it was the first time the schools ever met.”
Coach McLaughlin also says that BFA Fairfax Football raises all their own football budget money through their fundraisers outside school, which means that in addition to their own funding needs, the community went considerably further to raise the funds to support WUHS’ relief. The generous surprise undoubtedly formed the beginning of a nice relationship with the far-away town.


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