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  1. Donna Bedford

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this terribly sad time…
    Rest in Peace Zack

  2. Kelly Oakes Willey

    Dear Norm and Dail and To The Frates Family,
    My Sincere Condolences. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  3. Sue Dreamer

    Sending all of my love and prayers to amazing Zack and his amazing family.

  4. Elizabeth Shaw Perry

    We will never forget Zack’s beautiful smile and his gift to make everyone feel a part of his life.
    Norm, Annie and Dail, you gave your son a life filled with unconditional love. Mia and Matt, you were always there for Zack. Yvonne and Norm, no child ever had more loving grandparents.
    I know the void in your life feels insurmountable.
    For all love, rememember, In return your life has been blessed indeed.
    Please know our thoughts and prayers are with all you.
    With love, Beth, Jeff, Lily and Sohier.
    With all our

  5. Kedron Valley Veterinary Clinic

    Dear Norm, Dale, Anne & the entire Frates family,
    Please know that we are all thinking of you during this difficult time. We were lucky to have Zach visit us from time to time and know so well of the smile that so many people have mentioned here. May he now join all of the animal friends he has had over the years.
    Our sincere condolences,
    Mendi, Emma, Ryan, Gail, Deb & Drs. Blakeley, Philippa & Lynn

  6. Janelle Blake

    Zach was a beloved member of Woodstock Elementary School where our son was a classmate of his. He always had a wonderful smile and amazing kind spirit. He will live on in the hearts of the Woodstock community through Zack’s place. My prayers are with the Frates family.

  7. Janet & Peter Hughes

    May we be included in Zack’s family of friends who experienced his love for life and infectious smile. He touched our lives in a way that
    no other could have done. We greeted him at Billings Farm and along the street in Woodstock. He is forever etched in our memories.
    God bless his entire family for guiding him to become the man that he became !

  8. Kevin & Arlene Travers

    We will never forget you Zack. This crazy world is a better place because of you!

  9. Janet & Claire Spangler

    We are so sorry to hear of Zacks passing. While his light is no longer here with us, it surely is elsewhere brightening every space his spirit is in. He is in our prayers.

  10. Carol Egbert

    I’m so sorry for your loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  11. Tancreti Family

    What a wonderful man Zach was and how proud you should all be to have made him such. He will be sincerely missed and I feel very fortunate to have known him and smiled with him and been taught by him his amazing spirit!

  12. Julie & Eric Johnston

    There are no real words for such a great loss. We are thinking of the entire Frates family at this time. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you all. Zack may have lived a short life but, it was action packed. May his legacy live on at Zack’s Place. Bless you all.

  13. Lisa Avildsen greenfield

    Dear Norm, Dail, Annie and family ,
    Please know my thoughts are with you all. I will never forget taking a run down suicide six with with Norm, Zack and Mathew and thinking that this is what life is all about, to enjoy the moments we have with one another,it was many years ago… Zack may have been six Mathew just above my knee and what a wonderful moment it was! Zacks smile penetrates my mind and I know that he gave to his familynand friends and they gave to him, truly a family and community full of love!
    My heart is with you all always love,

  14. Betsy Wilson

    Zackman you are finally free. Run my friend. Feel the wind in your hair and the light feeling in your step. Sing, dance and enjoy your freedom.
    You will live on in all of our lives. Paint us a picture in the sky. We will know it is you. Til we meet again we will hold you close to our hearts. My love to all the Frates’ and extended family.
    Your one and only Betsy Dear

  15. Cynthia and Andy Roth

    We will always remember Zach’s smiling face. Our thoughts are with you all at this difficult time.

  16. Auntie Marg

    We will celebrate your life smiling through our tears. You were blessed to have been born a Frates. Your life has been an inspiration to all who had the pleasure of meeting you. I Love you tons! Keep smiling!
    Till we meet again,
    Auntie Marg

  17. Auntie Marg

    We will celebrate your life smiling through our tears. You were blessed to have been born a Frates. Keep smiling!

  18. Virginia Hansell

    Dear Zack,

    Your happy smile will brighten heaven. Hope I can have a dance with you in your new home. Love always.

    Aunt Ginny

  19. Utah Lacrosse Association

    The Utah Lacrosse Association send its love and thought to Bryan and his family. Be strong and know that we are all thinking of you out west.
    The Utah Lacrosse Family

  20. Suzanne Whitney

    Zack Frates a sweet, wonderfully talented and giving young guy! Your family was so lucky to have you in their lives. Stay well Zack!!

  21. Suzanne Whitney

    I’m feeling very sad for Norm and family right now. Zack was an amazing young guy who’s sweet spirit was felt by all. What a loss as he was an amazing individual!! and at the same time an he gave so much of himself, which will live on at Zack’s Place I hope.

  22. Leigh Upchurch

    Zack touched my heart from the first moment I met him! My heartfelt prayers are with the entire Frates family.

  23. Ginger and Doug Dudek

    Norm and Dale,
    Please accept our condolences and know our hearts and prayers go out to you and the whole Frates family.

  24. Owen & Freddie Shindler

    We are deeply sorry to learn of Zack’s passing. His light will shine in many hearts forever.

  25. Whitney Willis

    My condolences go out to the Frates family. I first met Zach in middle school when I was in 8th grade and he came into 7th. I had little interaction with him but I fondly remember the halloween dance that year with Zack’s angels. I saw him in the hallway quite often but had little chance for interaction in the busy world of high school. It wasn’t until I took an art class that I got to know Zach better. I was amazed that a person with his disability (a disability that my aunt also has) was able to make such wonderful art. He was one of several inspiration for my entrance into the field of special ed. I am internally greatful and hope that his family is able to appreciate all that he was able to do with his unfortunately short life.

  26. Christine and Michael Darmetko

    We are praying for all of you, and the Frates family will be in our continued thoughts and prayers. You have our deepest condolences.

  27. Stephanie Patton

    Zachman made the world a better place with his amazing smile, love for life and his appreciate of a good joke! I was blessed to have the honor of being a partner of Zach’s in his education endeavors at WUMS/WUHS; however Zach was my teacher! He taught me to embrace life, love without limits and to laugh with all my might! I will cherish the memories of us cruising the hallways of WUMS/WUHS looking for trouble and usually finding it along the way to visit Ms. Bobbi! Prayers to the Frates family for this tremendous loss! Zach, as well as the Frates family, are a true inspiration!

  28. Jessie Tensen

    We are sorry to hear about Zack Frates who passed away……. He is a smart boy……… We will miss you forever…………..

  29. Henry Isaacs

    For one year, Zack Frates was my student in ‘Art 2′ at Woodstock. I had never taught high school before or since. Zack helped me in more ways than I could have ever imagined. Zack’s presence in that class made it a community, not a course. My heart goes both to the Frates family and the entire community for this loss.

  30. E. J. Willis

    Wherever a beautiful soul has been there will be a trail of beautiful memories. I remember a beautiful young man with a beautiful smile.

  31. Zoe P

    I volunteered at Zack’s place for a couple years when I was in middle and high school, and I know Zack Frates was an incredible inspiration to not only the other students and volunteers at Zack’s place, but to the entire community. I was in Vermont visiting a few days ago and I saw Zack across the street, of course with a huge smile on his face. Even from far away that smile was enough get me smiling. He affected so many people’s lives and will not be forgotten. Wherever you are Zack, they are lucky to have you. Rest easy buddy.

  32. Suzanne Schipper

    Please receive my condolences with the open heart and love that Zack showed to all who were lucky enough to have known him. His smile and spirit will be very missed. Special thoughts and prayers to his parents who made Zack’s life such a miracle!! Blessings and love!

  33. Daniel T. Quinn

    Please accept my sincere condolences. During his brief time in this world, Zack brought untold joy and happiness to everyone who ever had the pleasure to meet him. His spirit radiated pure love…and that will continue for all of us. And, we will ALL miss him! Daniel

  34. Maureen Cahill

    Deepest condolences to the Frates family. The loss of a young life is always accompanied by the feeling of a promise unfulfilled. May you take solace that your young man will live on in your hearts and memories. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  35. Janet B. smith

    I am very sorry to hear of your loss. My prayers and thoughts go out to the entire family.

  36. Sydney White

    Zack will live on in our hearts forever. He has left a permanent foot print on the Woodstock Community. All who knew him will miss his wonderful smile as he moved about town. I extend my sympathy to Zach’s family and his extended family at Zach’s place. Zack, now you can be free to run, laugh, and play with the angels.

  37. Utah Lacrosse Association

    The Utah Lacrosse Association sends its love and thoughts to Bryan and the entire Frates family. Be strong and know that we are all thinking of you out west.

  38. Woodstock Union High School & Middle School

    The Woodstock Union High School & Middle School community extends our sympathy to the entire Frates family. Zach was a cherished member of WUHSMS and he will always have a special place in out hearts. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  39. The Bailey Family

    We were very blessed to meet Zach and the Frates family on several occasions. Zachs smile and determination were an inspiration to our family and many others who knew him. Each time we came to Woodstock we would look forward to seeing Zach even if it was just briefly at the Farmers Market or in town He always made us smile. We will miss you Zach. You made the world a much better place and have inspired our family to continue to help others.
    Our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Frates family
    With love
    Kimberli and Scott Bailey, Morgan, Warner, Connor and Madison

  40. Barbara Geno

    My prayer for you Zack is that you run, sing and dance with the angels. You touched me more than you will ever know. You showed me that laughter is a gift of the heart, love you buddy.

  41. Kimball Union Academy

    The Kimball Union community extends our sympathy to Mia and to the entire Frates family. Our thoughts are with you.

  42. Kris Hansen

    Godspeed young Zack. Your time here was a gift to all who met you.

  43. Jeanne & Tony Matos

    Last Saturday night, September 24th, almost 100 people gathered for a Zack’s Place Dine Around Fundraiser. We laughed, ate, danced and celebrated our dedication to Zack’s Place under the glow of a magnificent pink sky. We will remember this evening forever as a tribute to Zack’s luminous spirit.
    Much love to Norm, Dail and their family.

  44. Emily Koetsier

    I only really got to know a couple of summers ago. But the time I spent with you and everyone else at Zack’s Place, has changed my life. With all my heart I send love to the Frates family and Zack’s Place family. Be our guiding light and smile on us with your love.

    I’ll never forget you Zack,
    your friend,
    Emily K

  45. Meridith H. Bjork

    Walk now with angels, Zack. Watch over us with your loving presence until we laugh with you again someday. Our hearts and spirits are with you always. May your star shine brightly in the heavens to remind us of your eternal light which touched everyone of us in a very special way.

    Deepest sympathies,
    Jamie, Meri and Doris Hock

  46. Russell Pejouhy

    Zack will be greatly missed by all of his friends. He touched so many with his smile and laughter. Please support his friends at Zack’s Place and his family. We love you Zack!

  47. Margaret Flad

    Our hearts break for you and our prayers are with you and all the folks that Zack touched during his life.
    Margaret and Harry Flad

  48. Kelly Larson

    Our hearts and prayers are with you all .

  49. Julia Fleming

    I met Zack in middle school one of the nicest sweetest people i’ve ever know in my entire life. He inspired me and made me realize what I’ve wanted to do is help children and adults with specials needs. Zack is the reason I made it through as much as I did in high school all i had to do was see his smile and he made everything better. I am so blessed to have known this one in a million.

  50. Michel sturm

    Our heart and prayers go out to the entire Frates family.

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