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  1. George Burge

    Are there any updates on fatal crash involving Texas judge Karen Crouch? $50,000 bail, who posted it? What is immigration status of Carlos Garcia? Who supplied a 19 year old with alcohol and whose car was he driving?


  2. woody

    Mr Garcia is obviously a minor at 19 years of age and I am wondering if the VSP is investigating and looking into what adult provided or procurred the alcohol for him and whether charges are forthcoming on that front?

  3. Rose De Leon

    Zyra was our dearest friend and we thought of her as family and sister. We loved her and will miss her always. Our prayers to her family…Bernice Cantu, Rose De Leon, Mercedes Townsend.

  4. laura pecina gonzales

    yes, please keep us updated on karen crouch, thanks

  5. Kim Montemayor

    Zyra Flores was my neighbor for the past 14 years, she will be deeply missed by all. She was a very special person and was always willing to help a neighbor. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends.

  6. kurt goslin

    We are saddened here in San Antonio, Texas, to hear of Zyra’s passing and Judge Crouch’s injuries. This is another seneless death due to an individuals criminal behavior involving alcohol and driving under the influence. Judge Croutch has been a staunch supporter of strong enforcement of DWI laws and holding accountable those who indiscriminately kill and injure the innocent victims of their offenses.
    Get well Judge Croutch and my prayers go out to Zyra’s family and friends.

  7. eliza volk

    can you please keep us updated on Karen Crouch

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