District Court Report: Quechee Man Hit With DUI Charges

October 19, 2011

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Dawne Murphy, 52, of Quechee pleaded guilty to drunk driving – first offense – and was ordered to pay fines and surcharges totaling $761 following an incident on Sunday, September 18th where Hartford Police arrived at 1:30 a.m. to find her Jeep Patriot 10 feet off into the water of the pond beside Dewey Mills Road.  Murphy had already been safely out of the vehicle for an hour and was standing with a friend nearby on the roadway, according to Hartford Police Officer Eric Jollymore who reported that Murphy blew a 0.154 percent blood alcohol level on a breath test before she was taken into custody.

Hartland Man Accused Of Drunk Driving
David Swett, 60, of Hartland pleaded innocent to drunk driving – first offense – and was released on personal recognizance pending trial.  Swett was parked nearby on Dewey Mill Road during the pre-dawn hours of September 18th when Hartford Police arrived to investigate a report of a Jeep partially submerged in the pond there.  After arresting the woman who had been driving the Jeep, Hartford Police Officer Eric Jollymore said he determined that Swett had been traveling with her after the pair had dinner at the nearby Firestone’s Restaurant and that he too had been drinking that evening.  Jollymore said Swett “demonstrated an inability to balance” during field sobriety exercises and subsequently blew a 0.176 percent blood alcohol level on a roadside breath test.

Man Sentenced With Dept. Of Correction Work
Jacob Chase, 23, of Ascutney pleaded no contest to drunk driving – second offense – and was given a 4-to-6 month sentence with all of that jail time suspended except for 25 days to serve on the Correction’s Department’s work crew along with surcharges of $301.  As part of the plea agreement the state dismissed an attempting to elude charge that had originally been filed after a New Hampshire police officer chased Chase across the Connecticut River before he was eventually stopped on the Cemetery Road shortly after 1 a.m. on September 21st.  Vermont State Police Trooper Michael Studin reported that Chase did poorly on all the field sobriety exercises he was put through before blowing a 0.222 percent blood alcohol level on a breath test.

Erratic Driving Leads To DUI Arrest
Cynthia Royce, 47, of Quechee was arrested Saturday evening on suspicion of drunk driving after Hartford Police received a complaint of someone driving erratically near the Green in Quechee.  Hartford Police Acting Lt. Brad Vail said officers located Royce a short distance away at the boat launch on Dewey’s Mill Pond before processing her and citing her to answer the DUI charge on October 18 in Windsor Criminal Court.

Bridgewater Corners Woman Arrested For Drunk Driving
Kristi Perkins, 34, of Bridgewater Corners was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after she was pulled over on Killington Road for speeding early Saturday evening. Vermont State Police Trooper Thomas Mozzer said that after failing sobriety exercises Perkins blew a 0.159 percent blood alcohol level on a breath test given to her approximately one hour after the initial traffic stop.  She was cited to answer the DUI charge on October 17 in Rutland District Court.

This article first appeared in the October 6th print edition of the Vermont Standard.


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