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  1. David Waugh

    Joan, Wayne, Karen, Wes, Brian and Alan;
    I will always remember your husband and father as an example of the “Southern Gentleman of the North”.He was the first person I ever met who celebrated turning 55 so that he could join AARP and get discounts at the Woodstock Inn for lunch. I remember a conversation that he had with one of you about why he didn’t say grace before eating and his response was, “I start each day by getting on my knees and thanking God for all that He has done for me and for each member of our family, then I ask His blessings on all that I will do that day and thank Him for all that I will receive during the day. I figure God has a good enough memory to remember that when I began to eat my meal.”
    I learned a great deal from Don. I know that you will each miss him. I give thanks for the way his life intersected mine.
    On the journey of faith,
    David Waugh

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