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  1. steve matrai

    Ghost Story.. OMG.. i’ve seen it like 100 times and i’d continue to see it.. It still creeps me out..

    There are those movies that, its not about whether you’ve seen it, its about wanting to go to another place rather than my problems, troubles, etc. at the time. Its like jumping into the story for 90 minutes or so and being there, my problems can wait.

    Woodstock, I would never have thought.. the snowy barren environment was perfect for this kind of movie, it sets the scene but where is that house, does it still stand.

    Its not just the horrifying rotting corpse scenes but also the beautiful alice krige that really strikes a heatbeat into the movie.

    I really loved it, i think Woodstock could make a fortune on it if they did something really cool and different.
    A haunted reinactment of the story, much like a play but also much like a parade in that it wouldn’t just take place in one spot, it would be like a tour, reinactment of scenes and sort of play with signing of autographs at times when the actress and/or actors happen to be there.

  2. Russell Pejouhy

    I heard that “Oswald” was a cadaver that was salvaged after a train wreck in WRJct. around 1910. It had been used at Dartmouth Medical School. Several cadavers were scattered along the tracks. Oswald was the lucky one that made its way to Woodstock where it was hidden in a barn for 40 years before coming out at a Rotary Fair where people paid money to see it. I was lucky to see Oswald in a science classroom at WUHSMS. He was housed in a case with glass doors. Occasionally, he had a butt hanging out of his mouth. He now rests in peace at the Cushing Cemetery, in the back section past the stone wall. No name is on his gravestone. How Oswald got to his final resting place is a local mystery known to only a few.

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