Community Mourns Loss Of Hasse Halley

October 1, 2011

in News,Woodstock

By Eric Francis
Standard Correspondent
Woodstock resident Dr. Hasse Halley was killed Saturday morning while walking with her dog when a pickup truck struck her moments after she stepped out of her driveway onto Route 4 near the Rec Center on the western edge of the village.
No one else was injured in the 8:40 a.m. accident, and Woodstock Police spent the rest of the morning conducting an extended accident investigation at the scene and interviewed the driver of the pickup truck at the police station over the noon hour.
“Hasse was the primary mover-and-shaker in the volunteer flood relief effort here in the Woodstock area working tirelessly,” her friend Jeff Kahn said Saturday morning.
“She left her home and went to cross Route 4 on the bridge that goes over the Ottauquechee River when a pickup truck hit her and she died instantaneously right there in front of her home,” Kahn explained.
“She was on her way to meet (Representative) Allison Clarkson to help run the volunteer effort at the Town Hall,” Kahn noted.
Dr. Halley had just become the head of the education program at the Killington Mountain School but for years she has been associated with Woodstock Union High School, having at one point served as the head of the English Department at WUHS.
“She has a deep and long resume of achievements in her life,” Kahn noted, “She was a bright force for volunteerism and caring for the community and educating our kids.  She was a bundle of organized energy.”
“She briefly owned the Shiretown bookstore for a year, she was trying it out but that really wasn’t her thing,” Kahn said, “Education was her passion.  She was once the head of a day school down in Rhode Island but she loved Woodstock and the Woodstock community.”
Halley was also a “tremendous force” at Pentangle Council on the Arts, where she served as the house manager, organizing all of the participants and making sure the shows went on.
A private family funeral was held this morning at Shir Shalom in West Woodstock, and a community-wide memorial service will be held at Woodstock Union High School Sunday on Sunday, Oct. 9 at 2 p.m.


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Steven Johnson June 14, 2012 at 1:12 am

I am shocked and hurt for this great loss. I met Hassie on a teacher’s trip to Cambodia and Thailand in 2006. I felt drawn to her and confided to her and asked her to come to my wedding in Cambodia as my mother. To my surprise, she said yes and came to my wedding in 2007 as my mother in a traditional Cambodian wedding. She was funny as she went through the various Buddhist ceremonies as my mother. My wife’s family loved her. She latter wrote an incredibly moving article about the wedding. In 2008, my wife’s visa had come through and my daughter had been born in Phnom Penh and I was just stuck because I had just run out of resources because the process had taken much longer and had been more expensive than I had ever thought. Hassie helped us out and we came to the U.S. as a family that November. I am truly indebted to her. I know she is a bright light in Heaven. I am so sorry about everything.

Jack Baker October 30, 2011 at 8:46 pm

Dear Hasse, Beginning in third grade you were a vibrant part of my formative years in Irondequoit. Your energy lit up the hallways of school and the confines of the classroom. At graduation from high school you traveled on to touch so many people throughout the world. I last saw you at our IHS reunion about 10 years ago. My wife, Jodie, commented after the dinner on how much she loved your exhuberance. My eyes are filled with tears that you are gone. May your memory live on through your family and your works.
Shalom, Namaste Jack

Linda McDonnell Ingraham October 30, 2011 at 12:22 pm

Hasse was a high school classmate and friend. I remember her for her great sense of humor. It is always a shock when a contempory dies and it reminds us of how precious life is. My sympathy to her family and friends who are left to cherish the memories of her remarkable life

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