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  1. Melia Stoop

    As a little girl I remember my dad, Leonard Olschewski, now 89, going up to the Charles Orr Farm to spend two weeks vacation hunting. We couldn’t wait for him to come home as we would see what he bagged, & he would bring us home Balsam Fir Stones & Pillows. My Father is not doing so well right now, he is very sick. In trying to rejuvenate him I reminisced the Vermont Orr Farm trips as he was always very excited to go up there, & talked of fond memories/stories of wildlife. It just so happened that my sister googled the Vermont Orr Farm & found this. Coincidence? We are so sorry to learn of Mr. Charles Orr’s passing, but let it be known that his friend may be hunting with him soon in Heaven. God’s Best Blessings to the Vermont Orr Farm. Sincerely, The Stoop Family/Olschewski Family.

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