Pumpkins Smashed, Mailboxes Tipped On Hartland Hill Road

November 2, 2011

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Woodstock Police Log
From Chief Robbie Blish
October 16
7:34 p.m. Unsecured premises located
5:52 p.m. Citizen assistance provided on Church Street
1:13 p.m. Report of lost property
12:43 p.m. Subpoena served for Vermont State Police
12:26 p.m. Animal problem reported on College Hill
8:30 a.m. Report of mailboxes tipped over and pumpkin smashed on Hartland Hill Road
October 15
8:48 p.m. Agency assistance provided to Hartford Police Department with accident scene in Quechee
7:32 p.m. Unsecure premises located
5:41 p.m. Residential burglary alarm reported; false
5:25 p.m. Motorist assistance provided
4:38 p.m. Animal problem reported on Maple Street
3:50 p.m. VIN inspection complete for Village resident
3:35 p.m. Ambulance assistance provided on Central Street
1:27 p.m. Theft reported in South Woodstock; under investigation
9:43 a.m. Traffic hazard reported on West Woodstock Road
9:32 a.m. Report of erratic operation on Woodstock Road; contact made with operator BAC
October 14
11:55 p.m. 911 hang-up reported at Town residence; false
8:20 p.m. 911 hang-up reported form Town residence false
4:30 p.m. Citizen assistance provided to South Woodstock resident
2:02 p.m. Minor two-car accident on Central Street
12:29 p.m. Non reportable traffic crash reported on Elm Street
9:55 a.m. Agency assistance provided to Vermont State Police
October 13
10:42 p.m. Report of vehicle off roadway on South Road
5:43 p.m. Burglary alarm reported on Elm Street; false
2:25 p.m. Daniel Madden, 57, cited for Violation of Relief from Abuse Order and Conditions of Release
12:43 p.m. Motor vehicle complaint reported on Elm Street; vehicles gone on arrival
8:07 a.m. Disabled vehicle reported on Woodstock Road
2:20 a.m. Agency assist Hartford Police Department with Datamaster
October 12
5:11 p.m. Wallet found and returned to owner
2:24 p.m. Motor vehicle complaint received on School Street
12:27 p.m. Theft reported from Village resident
8:15 a.m. Motor vehicle complaint on Court Street
October 11
1:38 p.m. Wallet found at Macs Market; returned to owner
8:52 a.m. Traffic hazard report of West Woodstock Road
6:14 a.m. Locked vehicle reported at pumps at local convenience store
October 10
10:40 p.m. Lost property reported; keys
9:24 p.m. Noise disturbance reported on South Street
8:15 p.m. 911 hangup reported at Town residence; accidental misdial
7:51 p.m. Residential burglary alarm reported; false
5:31 p.m. Suspicious vehicle reported on Westerdale Road. Vehicle gone upon arrival


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