Windsor Country Court Log, Nov 3rd edition

November 3, 2011

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Hartland Man Charged With DUI
Daniel Hamel, 47, of Hartland pleaded innocent to drunk driving – first offense – after an instance of being a Good Samaritan on the morning of October 9 ended with his being arrested. Hamel was in his pickup headed over Morgan Hill in South Woodstock shortly after 8 a.m. when he came across a bloodied Steven Leninski who’d been in an auto accident. Hamel drove Leninski to the emergency room at Mount Ascutney Hospital and then headed back to the parking lot while nurses called police reporting that Hamel had smelled strongly of alcohol. When Windsor Police Officer James Beraldi arrived to investigate he found Hamel standing beside his truck in the parking lot talking to a nearby driver and noticed “Hamel’s eyes were bloodshot and watery and his speech was slurred.” Hamel allegedly denied having had anything to drink that morning during his initial conversation but then said he’d had a couple of beers three hours previously, Beraldi wrote. Hamel was taken into custody after he blew a 0.145 percent blood alcohol level on a preliminary breath test before being transported to the police station and processed for DUI.

Hartford Man Accused of Counterfeiting
Douglas Fedelski, 38, of White River Junction pled guilty to a felony charge of counterfeiting and received a 10-month sentence as part of a plea agreement which saw the state dismiss a marijuana possession charge that had also originally been filed against him after US Secret Service agents raided his apartment in March along with Hartford and Lebanon police officers. The Windsor County State’s Attorney’s Office had also filed a “habitual offender notice” against Fedelski because of Fedelski’s previous felony convictions for obstructing justice, burglary, grand larceny, unlawful mischief, and aggravated assault.
The latest case came about after a local resident with a history of run-ins with the law explained to police that he was allegedly buying marijuana on a weekly basis from Fedelski and that Fedelski was bragging that he was buying the dope from various sources using fake twenty and fifty dollar bills he scanned and printed using his home computer. “Fedelski is on a fixed income from Social Security Disability Insurance and Fedelski told (the informant) that is how he makes his money,” Hartford Police Officer Chris O’Keefe wrote in an application for the search warrant. Police reported seizing nearly three grams of marijuana in a baggie under a seat cushion in Fedelski’s bedroom along with his computer system and “several sheets” of $20 and $50 bills totaling about three hundred dollars that had been printed out on common copy paper using a Hewlett Packard deskjet printer and which agents said were stacked on the floor.

Drunk Driving Charge First Offense
Matthew Tripp, 20, of Hartford pleaded innocent to drunk driving – first offense – in connection with a three-vehicle rear-end collision that took place on the westbound lane of Route 4 West out in front of the Woodstock Farmer’s Market just before noon on October 9th. Officer Lisa Wilding said Kevin Lynch, 63, of Woodstock had stopped and put on his turn signal waiting for an opportunity to cross Route 4 to the farmer’s market and another car driven by Lucille Stoddard of Utah had stopped behind him when Stoddard was suddenly struck from behind by a pickup driven by Tripp. The impact threw Stoddard’s car forward into Lynch’s causing substantial damage to both ends of her car and to the front of Tripp’s pickup. No one was seriously hurt but Tripp was “visibly shaken” and smelled strongly of intoxicants, according to Officer Wilding who said Tripp initially replied “not today” when asked if he’d been drinking but later changed that to say that he’d had his last drink at 4 a.m. that morning. Tripp was arrested and processed for DUI after he blew a 0.091 percent blood alcohol level on a roadside breath test.


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