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  1. John G. Kost

    Dear Family of Warren Cone:
    This is a very late condolence note as I just happened to fall upon the Admiral’s obit on a website. I served Warren as an Officer of the Deck aboard WARE during our 6th Flt deployment while I was also serving our embarked Commodore, Vincent Murtha, as his Staff Operations Officer. My wife Dagmar and I always enjoyed our social moments with Warren and Marjorie. I was very proud for him when he achieved flag rank. He was an honorable, competent naval officer. Warm Regards, John G. Kost, Captain, USN(ret), Islamorada, FL

  2. Peter M. Britnell

    Warren was a wonderful Vermonter. We first met @ a Hartland school board meeting in 1980 where we realized we had similar political views even though I was a “flatlander” I was privileged to be his Dentist until retiring 2 years ago. He was a man I admired for his achievements but more importantly his thoughts & actions on behalf of this United States & particularly Vermont. His simple love for home,the gardens,& his family were very evident in our conversations.Sometimes we talked about golf,even playing some rounds together,but our favorite topic(especially for me)was “the state of the Union”. I for one learned much about life’s values by Knowing Warren Cone. God will bless him.
    Peter Britnell

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