Letter To The Editor: Christmas Tree Safety

December 21, 2011

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To The Editor:
Always choose a tree with fresh green needles that do not fall off when touched. The most common mistake people make is having a tree stand that doesn’t have water. When placing the tree in the stand be sure to make a fresh cut on the bottom of the tree right before you put it in the stand, this will allow the tree to stay moist. Be sure to add water daily.
Make sure your tree is at least three feet away from any heat source, such as fireplaces, radiators, candles, heat vents or lights.
Make sure you use lights that have the label of an independent testing laboratory. Always check your strings of lights for broken or frayed wires. Always unplug the lights when leaving your house or go to bed. Never use lit candles to decorate your tree.
A fact: One of every three home Christmas tree fires is caused by electrical problems. Although Christmas tree fires are not common, when they do occur, they have a higher chance to be deadly. A heat source too close to the tree causes one in every five fires.
Get rid of your tree after Christmas or when it is dry. Dried-out trees are a fire danger and should not be left in the home or garage, or placed out side against the home. Bring outdoor electrical lights inside after the holiday to prevent hazards and make them last longer.
The members of the Woodstock Emergency Services wish everyone a safe holiday.
In case of an emergency CALL 911
Chief Butch Sutherland
Woodstock Fire Dept.


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