Roadwork Continues For The 13th Week On Broad Brook

December 28, 2011

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by Sara Tuthill
Broad Brook
The neighborhood is beginning to brighten up with Christmas lights, although the weather remains unseasonably mild and we have but a mere dusting of snow.
Tuesday mornings’ frosty sunrise cast a million sparkling diamonds across my fields, and the bare grasses’ shimmered like silver streamers in a gentle breeze, reminding me that natures’ beauty is a precious gift that revitalizes the soul when one stops to admire its’ simplistic artistry.
Santa and Mrs. Claus were extremely busy this past weekend, trying in earnest to collect the wish lists’ of every girl and boy throughout the area villages.
The Claus’ stopped in South Royalton at the Odd Fellows and Rebekah Lodge where they found far fewer children than last year, much to their dismay. I understand this has been the case everywhere the Claus’ have been this year, and wonder where all the little children have gone?
On Dec. 11, Don Lovejoy went to the Vermont Auto Enthusiasts Christmas party at T Bones Steakhouse in Colchester. At the Yankee gift exchange Don was pleased that he received a scale model 1957 Chevrolet.
Adrian Frary, Jr. celebrated his 86th Birthday Dec. 2, and Gordon Tuthill marked his 84th on Dec. 12. As I look at these hearty fellas and many others here on the Broad Brook that they grew up with, I can only hope that my years living here will be as beneficial to me in my later years as it has them. Happy Belated Birthday, Dad and Uncle Ady!
Road work continues for the 13th week on the section by Pete and Bea Coles’ place, and workers are thankful the weather has held as stabilizing the brook embankment is not only frigid work, but could potentially come to a halt under heavy snows. Should the weather continue to be mild, the crew will move over to the section by Randy Leavitts’, which is much narrower and will have more impact on commuters.
Just be thankful that progress is still being made and when completed, the road will be much safer. Maybe bring an extra mug of hot cocoa and a few treats to these fellas, as they are surely chilled on these winter days!
Wondering what to do with all those cards and notepaper that accompany the mass solicitations your household receives this time of year?
Take them to any of your local Community Service clubs, Churches, or Senior Centers, and rest assured they will be put to good use, rather than as firestarters or landfill material.
Speaking of fires, there have been far too many in the region for so early in the heating season, so be sure to do these three vital tasks: Clean your chimney regularly, be sure your Smoke Detectors are in the proper places with fresh batteries, and be sure your family knows and practices Escape Routes from your home.
Have a safe and happy week.

This article first appeared in the December 15th edition of the Vermont Standard.


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