Teago Store Reports 11 Deer During Muzzleloader Season

December 27, 2011

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By Chuck Gundersen and Kaelan Heston
Pomfret News
Fifteen degrees on this December Monday. Not a deep and dark December, but December at its best. Blue, blue sky that goes on forever. Everything in sight is sharp and clear. It’s a blue and white day in North Pomfret where the four inches of snow that fell toward the end of last week still covers the ground.
Down here in our South Pomfret valley there’s still green on the ground along with the white. A thin cloud from the snow guns at Suicide Six drifts through the trees on the hillside. You can see that cloud, but if you’re in it, apart from some loss of visibility, its hard to detect.
You can feel it – a dampness on exposed skin – but it’s insubstantial. Sometimes that cloud will drift down to the valley floor and when caught in a floodlight or a pair of car headlights it lights up. If you’re in it, you’re in a universe of a million tiny sparkles. It’s worth seeing.
Eleven deer reported during muzzleloader season here at the Teago Store.
Mike Harrington brought in a 143 pound six pointer, the largest of the season. That rounds out deer season 2011. Not a good year.
From The Pomfret School:
Blackboard Connect Test Call. Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. we did a second test of Blackboard Connect, the new automated system that allows us to contact families in case of snow cancelations or to share other urgent information.
We sent home flyers about this before each of the two tests. For Tuesday’s test, system records indicate that 64 calls were answered in person; 53 went to messaging systems; and 6 were not answered. We have the numbers that were not answered and are checking on them directly. Before making the test call, we had also verified all numbers that we have.
Despite our checking and this data, what the computer does not tell us is whether the calls actually went to the right numbers; that is, it cannot confirm that we gave it the right numbers to call.
We want to make sure that we have correct phone numbers and that everyone is receiving the calls. If you have not already returned the second flyer, we ask that you check off whether you received the call and then have your son or daughter return it to their teacher. Thanks!
Did anyone notice some French speaking middle and high school students in the area lately?
Foreign exchange students from France were visiting the area. About 15 came over from Saint Gaudens and stayed with local families that have Woodstock Union High School or Middle School French speaking students for about two weeks then went to spend some time in New York City before heading back to their hometown.
Other exciting news includes the Bald Eagle that has been cruising around the area between the Town Garage and Rudge Road in Pomfret. People that took the Pomfret bus saw the eagle take flight. It was also spotted by my family the very next day perched in a tree. So keep a look out for an eagle flying around!
Also if anyone in the area is interested there will be holiday crafts featured at an after school program at the Abbott Memorial Library on Thursday, Dec. 15, from 3 – 5 p.m. Please join us and have a great time while making pine cone bird feeders, holiday cards, and ornaments.
Refreshments will be served. Also don’t forget that the Abbot Library’s book sale room is a great place to do some local holiday shopping at a great price!

This article first appeared in the December 15th edition of the Vermont Standard.


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