The Sighting Of A Bald Eagle In Pomfret Causes Excitement And Ruffles Feathers

December 21, 2011

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by Chuck Gundersen
Pomfret News
Muzzleloader season is underway. Barely. Four deer reported as of Monday morning, Ron Waters 140 lb six-pointer the largest. Of course if you listen to the old timers, they’ll tell you that things were different way back when. But that’s what old timers do. I hear that in myself more and more all the time. The difference is that way back when, old timers were old. Not today. Now they’re my age.
Cooper Jones, age 7, spotted an eagle on Pomfret Road about a mile north the Teago store on Friday morning (Dec. 2) just before 8 a.m. and again on Saturday morning around the same time. Along with a few crows, the eagle was dining on a deceased deer.
I’ve been hearing quite a bit about this eagle. He’s the big Pomfret News this week.
A couple of items from the Pomfret School’s Pomfret Post:

Student Leadership Team Sponsoring Movie Night
Dear Pomfret Citizens, The Pomfret School Leadership Team is holding a movie night! This movie is open to all. Bring your friends and family! The movie is called A Year Without Santa Claus, a holiday family classic. It is about two spunky elves and Mrs. Claus who try to save Christmas. It is on Friday, Dec. 9, and includes pizza, popcorn and lemonade! It is $5 per person and all the money we receive will go to the Make A Wish Foundation. It is a foundation that helps kids who have a life-threatening disease and with the money they can make a very special wish come true. RSVP to Mrs. Woodhead by Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2011. We hope to see you at the movie! —Claire Coates and Katrina Boswell, Leadership Team members

Thanksgiving Feast
By Justin Kopf and Austin Potter, Student Leadership Team Members
On Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2011, The Pomfret School had a spectacular Thanksgiving feast. Each grade took part in this school-wide event. Grades 3 and 4 invited members from the community to join us. K/1 and the second grade gave the wonderful people entertainment. 5th grade made homemade, delicious food, including buns, beans, corn, turkey, gravy and cranberry sauce.
To finish off the fantastic meal, we gobbled down some apple crisp. The 6th grade set up tables and cleaned up after us. $3 a person is a great price for a full belly.
Our special guests at the feast were elders from Pomfret that don’t get to our school much. To see our community members at our school is a great honor. This feast is an annual tradition at our school and we thank all that helped with it.

I realize that you will be reading this too late to RSVP Sarah Woodhead about “A Year Without Santa Claus,” but I’ve included it in the Pomfret News so that you’ll know some of the things the Pomfret School Leadership Team does.
I attended the Thanksgiving Feast at the school on Nov. 15, at the special invitation of Thomas Brooke, who was my host. I shared a table with John Leavitt and Lysle and Elaine Chase. A great meal, great entertainment, and great company.
I got my new glasses today. Ordered them online. A great price, and a fine pair of glasses. They fit, they’re comfortable, and I now see clear as a bell.
What more can you ask? There is one little thing though. Online the frames looked brown to me.
In person, they’re actually two-tone: a rich shade of purple on the outside of the frame and a very pretty, delicate, coral pink on the inside. I tried them on in the store and got reactions ranging from looks of surprise to outright laughter.  
I know it shouldn’t matter, and the glasses are just fine for their purpose, and I will use them, especially in dim light situations, and I will order glasses online again, but I think I’ll be a little bit more careful next time.
Contact Chuck at the Teago General Store 802-457-1626 or at

This article first appeared in the December 8th edition of the Vermont Standard.


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