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  1. Kim

    There is no help for Buckley. He stated that he would never hurt anyone with tears in his eyes! What a Joke…On May 13th he crashed his car with my daughter in it and she was seriously hurt and this loser left her there to die. I hope he goes to jail and stays there forever. He has no sympthy for any of the people he has hurt by the stupid drugs and choices he has made.

  2. Arthur Corr

    Buckley was in trouble with the law and drugs since he was a minor. Great job to the Woodstock police: keeping criminals on the streets is great for repeat business (and for proving to people that you guys actually DO things during the day besides check your Myspace pages) but bad for the community, FYI.

  3. Will Adler

    To Eric,
    Keep up the good work. As robbery victims, we are rooting for the arrest of these unfortunate young adults. They need help. Those who cannot be helped back to a drug-free law-abiding life, we need them to be in jail as long as possible. A robbery is not only a theft of items such as jewelry, but results in loss of peace of mind, filling victims with fears and suspicions and frustration and anger. Oftentimes they steal our memories, too. A necklace has more than a dollar value. It is a memento of an anniversary. And it was worn at an event such as a wedding. It has meaning for the owner. These drug addicted thieves among us must be helped to “hit bottom” and turn their lives around, or be incarcerated to prevent them from damaging our community further.

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