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  1. Ted Johnson,Spring Hill, FL

    Dear Friends, what makes this happening all the more heart breaking is knowing how much AJ adores his son and how much Adam has always returned his love. I’m praying for their speedy recovery. Dear Ginny, thanks for keeping all of us up to date as much as you can. Love to you and Laura. MT

  2. Ron Irwin

    Tragedy has befallen a wonderful family. Airell and Adam are extremely close and Adam is a gentle soul indeed. His disease is not, and both men have been made (further) victims of it. Our thoughts are with the Jenks family as they all recover.

  3. Earle and Margie Walls Hamilton

    We are life long friends from Buffalo. All our love and prayers go out to these wonderful people.
    Love, Earle and Margie

  4. Ann Huntington

    Dearest Ginny, This is just too too sad and I am praying for you and for Airell and Adam.. truly a nightmare for you and I am so sorry for you all. Please let us know how things go in the next day or two but my thoughts and prayers are with you. Stay strong if you can..we are all with you. Love, Ann

  5. Joan and Nick Hurd

    We have just learned about this very, very sad incident from mutual friends in Woodstock and Barrington. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Jenks. Hopefully, Airell’s wonderful perspective on life and how to live it to its fullest will help fuel his ability to recover quickly .
    Joan and Nick

  6. Arthur & Connie Parker

    Connie and I are so saddened to hear about Airell and Adam. I hope they recover and find peace together.
    Airell is such a loving father.
    Our love to Ginney.
    Arthur & Connie Parker

  7. Arthur & Connie Parker

    This is so very sad for all who love the Jenks.
    No father cared more for his son then Airell.
    We hope and pray that both Airell and Adam
    recover from this and find peace.
    Our love to to Ginny.
    Arthur & Connie Parker

  8. Jim and Lea Kachadorian and

    Dear Ginny, and Airell,

    We are thinking of you and send heaps and piles of love. These are terrible times for you, and for all of us who love you dearly. Just know we are thinking of you day and night.

    Jim and Lea Kachadorian

  9. Rico and Maya Green

    Maya and I are old childhood friends. Our love and prayers are with all the Jenks. Any news please pass on.
    Rico and Maya Green

  10. Jan Irwin

    I am related to Airell jenks, and would appreciate any news you can send me of an update of the condition of Airell and his son, Adam. This is such a tragic story!
    Thank ou so much,
    Jan Irwin

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