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  1. katrina caruso

    The Raleigh accident was horrible I am one of the sons, Travis close friend Katrina Caruso I cannot bare another day without him Travis will always be in my heart and I love him. We are sorry Anastasia and James. love you!!

  2. mel

    First off people need to stop speculating over what happened and allow the police to do their investigation. Second off people who say they were right behind and saw car parts flying, that was after the accident happened and not from passing either. Third off before people decide to write things that they really have no idea about and just draw their own conclusions and post them on the web, let me ask you this….. Do you not think that for one minute both parties involved in this tragedy have enough on their shoulders without having to read posts from people who just want to make up their own stories and post them for the world to read? DO you not think that for one minute if they could take this all back they would? Do you not think that for one minute if you were the one in this situation how you would feel if people blogged whatever they felt like about you without knowing the whole story? Life is too short to be pointing fingers and making up stuff just to make yourself feel better? If you are doing this then it means you have nothing better to do with your meaningless life then to sit and speculate about others. That makes me sick. These people need our support not our damnation so support them and tell them you are sorry for what happened not say things like, “I bet he was texting” or “he must of been distracted”. Accidents happen and making needless comments on what you think happened is not the way to help the situation. The young couple feel horrid enough without having this extra garbage being laid on them

  3. Lori M

    Like others, I am haunted by this horrific accident. I didn’t know anyone involved, but driving on the same stretch of road that day, ‘there but for the grace of God . . . .’ This is a tragedy for everyone involved, and indeed demonstrates how everything we know and cherish can change in a second. Our deepest condolescences to the Raleigh family. Please post where to send a note or help in some humble way, or if someone sets up a scholarship fund for James.

  4. Christine

    Dear Debbie Garvin and Friends,
    Thank you so much for your kind words. I can’t even begin to tell you how much this accident has touched my heart. I felt such sadness and still do. I have no idea how to get in touch with the Raleigh family to check on how the woman who was trapped in the car that I was talking to is doing. And I am soo soo glad to know the little boys name.
    This accident has opened up my eyes to what is important in life and how our lives and our family’s lives are so precious and that in a split moment everything could change forever. We should embrace every moment with our family and loved ones whenever we can. Plz, if you know how to get in contact with the Raleigh Family could you e-mail details so I can go visit the woman who was in the car. Here is my e-mail address:
    Thank you soo soo much!
    Sincerely, Christine

  5. Debbie Garvin and Friends

    We would like to thank you Christine for helping out in the family accident you are a very special person.
    Are hearts and prays go out for the Raleigh family. Grandma Judy is a very strong lady that loves her family. James and Travis are always with Grandma Judy just having so much fun outside so we all watch and sometime come over and join in. Travis and Dad are missed.

  6. David Grant

    We just heard of this terrible accident and are devastated with the news. My children go to school with these children and we know the family. It is a travesty that someone has to be in such a rush. Thanks to those who helped and got emergency personel to the scene.
    Are prayers go out to all…

  7. Asia Hickory

    This accident was very sad, I work at Blanche and Bills Pancake House I was one of the people to see this and call 911, i give my parayers to both of these family’s it is a horrible thing to see and have to be involed in and thank you to all the peopl who were there to help!!!!

  8. Carol B

    Christine, it must have been devasting. I am so sorry. I hope you have shared your account with police investigators.

  9. Betty

    Makes you want to cut up your drivers license. Unfortunately we need to drive.

  10. Christine

    we were 3 cars behind the car who was trying to pass. car parts flying all over the road, glass everywhere, a woman running around screaming. we pulled over, jumped out and grabbed what blankets we could and went to help. it was a very sad sight indeed. i will never forget it as long as i live. my heart breaks for that family.

  11. Cait

    Omg that is terrible people really need to be more careful and not be in such a rush when all they had to do was leave 5 minutes sooner instead of passing carelessly with cars coming in the other lane…it’s sad that people had to lose their lives for others careless mistakes!!!!! And the worst part is all the children involved!!!

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