Business Matters: Shumlin Named Amond 12 ‘Leaders Who Get Things Done’

February 1, 2012

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This article first appeared in the January 19th, 2012 edition of the Vermont Standard.

by Paul Bousquet
Special to the Standard
AT&T Expanding Broadband Coverage At Vermont Ski Resorts
AT&T announced earlier this month that it is expanding its capacity to accommodate higher usage of its mobile broadband network in the Vermont ski towns of Ludlow, Stowe, Killington, and Wilmington.
“As part of the Vermont community, we’re always looking for new opportunities to provide an enhanced customer experience to residents and winter tourists alike, and our investment in the local wireless network is just one way we’re accomplishing that,” said Steve Krom, vice president and general manager for AT&T New England.
In the past year, AT&T added three new cell sites in Vermont. It also added higher capacity connections (4G) at over 110 cell sites while expanding its mobile broadband capacity at more than 75 cell sites.
Enhanced communications tools are considered a vital necessity in meeting the needs of the 4 million winter visitors to ski resorts. AT&T operates the nation’s largest Wi-Fi network.

Shumlin Named Among 12 ‘Leaders Who Get Things Done’
While right-wing Republicans gridlock Washington, Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin ranks among a dozen leaders highlighted by Rolling Stone Magazine who get things accomplished.
Shumlin’s immediate response in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Irene in quickly restoring hundreds of miles of damaged roads to which residents in Woodstock region can attest, and landmark legislation in establishing health care reform in Vermont are among important developments cited.
The governor signed into law the nation’s first single-payer, universal health care legislation arguing that it will reduce medical costs, cut administrative waste, and end duplicate procedures. It must still receive approval of federal regulators for “Green Mountain Care” to be fully implemented, that expected no earlier than 2014. Shumlin assures the nearly 200,000 underinsured residents (nearly one-third of the state’s population) they will be covered. According to him, health care dollars will be spent to keep “Vermonters healthy, not on insurance company profits.”
Former governor Howard Dean speaks of the legislation as a possible model for the rest of the country. However, the governor and state legislature must still design, finance and implement Green Mountain Care. Dean cautions, “The really heavy lifting is ahead of us.”

Friends Gather to Celebrate Birthday of Clara Hoisington
The cold temperatures of Saturday night did not deter over 100 friends and family who gathered at the Bridgewater Grange Hall to celebrate and pay tribute to Bridgewater’s Clara Hoisington on her 90th birthday. “It’s a wish come true,” said Clara while proudly greeting friends, neighbors, and nearly 40 family members. A long buffet table with an array of delicious food provided by family and friends filled one side of the hall. With but one exception, all living members of Clara’s immediate family attended the gathering. Grandchildren, great grandchildren, great-great grandchildren, spouses and friends made up the remainder of the gathering who came to pay their respect for Clara. Together with a beautiful corsage, new sweater, party hat, and flanked by birthday balloons, Clara sat surrounded by well-wishers during the 3 hour celebration.

A Unique Idea for Valentine’s Day
Here’s a way to put a little romance into your life: How about a singing Valentine? Dressed in tuxedos, a male quartet will deliver a love song, card, rose, candies, and a photo of the event anywhere in the Upper Valley from Woodstock to New London and Claremont to Fairlee.
The North Country Chordsmen can be reserved anytime between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. on either Sunday, February 12 or Tuesday, February 14. Call 888-293-9191 to make reservations for a singing Valentine.

Midwifery Practice at Gifford Medical Center Lauded
The American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) has named Gifford Medical Center’s midwifery practice as “best practice” among small-size practices in the United States. The honor was based upon 2010 results collected from participating practices across the nation.
The staff at Gifford is comprised of 4 obstetric and gynecology professionals together with 6 certified nurse-midwives providing 24 hour care at its Birthing Center.

Bill Moyers and Company Return to Public Television
Bill Moyers premiered his new show last Saturday evening on Vermont Public TV. Absent from the airwaves for a considerable period of time, Moyers has returned bringing thoughtful insight into well-researched topics. The opening show explored how America’s gross income inequality is no accident, but was in fact “politically engineered.” His two qualified guests, both political scientists, explain “how politicians rewrote the rules to create a winner-take-all economy that favors the 1 percent over everyone else, putting our once and future middle class in peril.”
Topics are relevant and explained in such a way that is understandable to all of us.

The purpose of this column is to primarily recognize what is happening in the business community. If you have news of a business nature, you may reach Paul Bousquet via e-mail at or by phone at 802-457-9256.


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