District Court Report: Quechee Man Could Face Life In Prison

February 22, 2012

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Gordon Sayers, 32, of Quechee, is now facing multiple charges that could carry up to life in prison following what prosecutors called a “horrific ordeal” that he allegedly inflicted on his long-time girlfriend at her residence on Twilight Court during the pre-dawn hours of Sunday morning. 
Sayers, who is from the Newport area where he racked up four previous felony convictions, is currently on probation for a domestic assault involving the same alleged victim who ran in a nightgown to a neighbor’s home early Sunday and had them call Hartford Police. 
Beth Colburn told police that she had argued with Sayers because he’d showed up drunk the previous evening only to have him allegedly threaten to rape and kill her before she said he repeatedly put her in a headlock and choked her to the point things became “fuzzy” and she said she thought she was going to die. 
Colburn described locking herself in a bathroom while Sayers punched his first through the door twice before he eventually passed out and she made a run for it.  Police said when they entered the house to arrest Sayers they found him asleep with an “extremely realistic” looking B.B. gun next to him that the initially thought was an automatic handgun. 
Sayers was ordered held without bail Monday afternoon after he entered a denial to the probation violation and pleaded innocent to four new felony counts of aggravated domestic assault, which could carry enhanced sentencing penalties under the state’s habitual offender law.

Woodstock Man Charged With Possession
Ryan Buckley, 23, of Woodstock, pleaded innocent to two misdemeanor counts of violating court-ordered conditions of pre-trial release and to another misdemeanor charge for possession of marijuana. 
Buckley, who is currently residing in Reading, has previously pleaded innocent to a felony count of burglary of an occupied dwelling alongside another suspect in the rash of jewelry burglaries that swept the area last fall.  Vermont State Police Troopers Christopher Blais and Nick Rinaldi showed up unannounced on January 11 at the apartment in West Woodstock where Buckley was staying to do a spot check of his compliance with his conditions of release and “immediately smelled the strong odor of burnt marijuana” when Buckley’s girlfriend opened her door, according to their affidavit.  After Buckley came to speak with the troopers, they told him they could plainly see a pot pipe sitting on the coffee table in the living room and they seized the “still warm” item along with a less than a gram of marijuana.

Woodstock Man In Pond Charged With DUI
Jacob Webb, 35, of Woodstock pleaded innocent to drunk driving – second offense – and was released on pre-trial conditions, including a court-order that he not possess nor consume any alcohol while his case is pending.  Woodstock Police Officer Joseph Swanson responded to the base of Church Hill Road in South Woodstock on the evening of January 13 and found Webb’s mini van about 100 feet out into a snowy field next to the pond behind the Kedron Valley Inn.  Swanson said Webb was “leaning against the side of his vehicle (and) covered in snow and mud from head to toe” apparently having difficulty standing.  Webb initially denied having had anything to drink and refused to take a breath test, according to Swanson, who said that after another officer arrived and they briefly conferred they went to talk to Webb again only to find that he had fled the scene on foot.  Following a trial of footprints in the falling snow, Swanson caught up to Webb on Cowdrey Path and arrested him for DUI.  Swanson said at that point Webb was holding a Twisted Tea and was found to have two more in his pants pockets.


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