Letter To The Editor: OHC Deserves Kudos

February 22, 2012

in News,Woodstock

To The Editor:
I am writing to express my appreciation of the Ottauquechee Health Center, more specifically some of the staff at OHC. Though all of the staff at OHC are polite and professional I do not know everyone by name; but I have come to know and rely on a few special individuals that I believe deserve public credit for the hard work that they do: Physician’s Assistant Judi Friedman, and nurses Rosemary McGinty and Tammy Benjamin-Wood. 
Let me explain. I am the mother of an incapacitated adult daughter, her health issues, both physical and emotional are very challenging and difficult to supervise.  My daughter has been followed by various physicians, including specialists for several years.  Much to my frustration, no progress had been made in her recovery until we started seeing Ms. Friedman.  Ms. Friedman had been recommended to us when my daughter’s PA at Gifford Medical Center was leaving and we found ourselves searching for a new physician.  Ms. Friedman came highly recommended to us as being very comfortable and competent with mental health issues and being able to make a connection with young women. Mental health issues can be challenging for the individual living with them, and it is so important to find a provider that can make that personal connection. So we decided to give her a try.  We have found Ms. Friedman to be not only comfortable and competent with mental health issues, but she has a calm and professional manner that puts both me and my daughter at ease.  Ms. Friedman listens to all of our concerns at every visit, even if it means she goes over the allotted time frame for the visit, and makes sure that we have had all of our questions answered, and that there is a plan in place for our needs.  We realize that the time she gives us can set her behind in her appointments for the day, and that can be frustrating for any physician and for other patients; but believe me, she is worth the wait! Because my daughter’s case is very complicated, Ms. Friedman doesn’t hesitate to refer us to a specialist for a second opinion to be sure that we on the correct track with her treatment options. 
Rosemary and Tammy have been an intricate part of the care my daughter has received. They are both caring and knowledge nurses. Not only do they show compassion for the patients they help care for, but they respond to our questions / requests in a timely manner, and help expedite our questions to Ms. Friedman and promptly get back to us with answers, whether it be medication questions, medication refills, prerequisites for prescriptions, or just a lending ear in a time of need. They are wonderful assets to OHC!
Over the last two years, under Ms. Friedman’s care with the help of the great support staff, my daughter has made tremendous progress.  With my daughter’s mental health issues now being properly treated she has been able to start picking up the pieces of her life and putting them together, to become a person who now has a functioning life on a day to day basis.  Without Ms. Friedman’s superior care and the support of OHC my family would have been continually torn apart by this horrible disease called mental illness until our lives were completely distorted. 
To OHC, and especially Ms. Friedman, Rosemary and Tammy, I’d like to publically say thank you for all you have done for us.  We are looking forward to many more years of working with you as my daughter’s primary care physician and team!
Kelly Smith
Randolph, Vt.


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