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  1. Ed Melisky

    Dear Jennifer,

    What a wonderfully written column about a wonderfully-gifted and considerate person and professional. It is a true honor to be your brother-in-law. You know I’m more objective than emotional. Thus, I’m impressed with what I read, not because we are related, but due to your passion, expertise, and knowledge. Your words show how intelligent, experienced, innovative, imaginative, and dedicated you are…things we who have known you for years know about you. The Town Directors made an incredibly wise choice. Your vast experience, including the time you served at the White House will serve them well. The Town of Woodstock is fortunate to have you as a citizen and person responsible for such an important part of their Town. Kudos to you and them.

  2. Joanne Shenk

    Congratulations,Jen. How wonderful. Ian and I wish you the best.

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