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Pomfret Second Graders Working To Help Hungry

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This article first appeared in the February 2nd, 2012 edition of the Vermont Standard.

by Chuck Gundersen, Pomfret News
February is here. Days are longer, nights are shorter. Sun is stronger. Dale Spooner wakes up every day and assures himself that it’s one day closer to spring. And then he comes to the store and seems to want me to confirm it for him. I do, it’s partly because I don’t have the heart to remind him that at the beginning of February, there’s still a lot of winter left.
I have been hearing about people out working in the sugarbushes, though. That’s a good sign.
Some things from The Pomfret School:
Volunteer to Make a Basketball Backboard? You may have noticed that the cold weather is taking quite a toll on the backboard in front of the school. The backboard was already broken, but with the cold weather the plastic has been steadily deteriorating. We could use a volunteer woodworker to cut a piece of 5/8” plywood to replace what is there, and maybe to paint it. We can provide materials (or reimburse you). If you are interested in doing this, please contact Tim Wheelock.
School Zone Lights. If you drive to or by school between 7:30 and 8:30 in the morning or between 2:30 and 3:30 in the afternoon, you have probably noticed the flashing school zone lights. The lights are there to slow drivers up during these intervals of increased vehicle and pedestrian traffic, and they are important to the safety of our families and children. When these lights are on, the speed limit drops to 30 m.p.h. The Windsor County Sheriff’s Department recently called to confirm those hours, and the officer I spoke with said he was going to be reminding the rest of the department about them. It seems like a good time to remind everyone about the importance of respecting speed limits in school zones.
Letter to Pomfret Families from the Second Grade:
Heartfelt Help for the Hungry
In the next two weeks the second grade will be sponsoring the annual food drive for the local food shelf in Woodstock. This food shelf helps families in need from all over the Upper Valley. We are running this campaign later this year because there was such an outpouring of help after Tropical Storm Irene, Bev Regan, director of the food shelf, felt our help would be more beneficial now when needs are extreme and donations are not as plentiful.
We will begin collecting goods on Monday, Jan. 30, and continue for two weeks, ending the collecting on Monday, February 13th. As in the past, we will partner with our friends and neighbors at Chippers who will help the second graders make deliveries on Monday February 13th. We are grateful to Chippers for their collaboration and continued support with this very worthwhile endeavor.
Donations should be brought to the foyer and placed in the large box labeled “Daily Intake” each morning. We will not collect and chart donations by grades as we have in the past. Instead the second graders will have categories that we will sort and tally.
It is helpful for us to know what is most beneficial at this time of year, so I have included a list of most sought after items and those not needed according to Mrs. Regan. As always, please check expiration dates on anything that you donate, as they will not be able to be used at the food shelf if dates have expired. As well as things listed here, household products, pet food and baby supplies are needed, as well as food items. Breads will be immediately frozen upon their arrival here, which is the preferred way for them to receive it.
Hopefully with the kindness and generosity from our school community, we will make a huge difference in the lives of many in need.
From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your support in this campaign to “Help the Hungry!”
Mrs. Leonard and the 2nd Grade
Most Needed Items:
Bread, canned soups, stews, fruits, tuna fish, crackers, jars of spaghetti sauces, laundry detergents (not large warehouse size)
Items Not Needed at This Time: peanut butter, cereals, pastas and spaghetti, dried beans, juices, boxed macaroni and cheese
Just got my new privacy notice from Google telling me that they’ll be monitoring everything I do and everything I look at online so that they can assist me by guiding me to things they know I’ll be interested in. This will make my online experience smoother and more pleasant. Maybe they’ll notice that I only went to that Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner site once, out of curiosity, and that I’m not likely to actually buy one. Maybe the Roomba ad will quit popping up every time I do a Google search. That would make my experience smoother and more pleasant.
Contact Chuck at the Teago General Store 802-457-1626 or at

Pomfret Second Graders Working To Help Hungry Reviewed by on . This article first appeared in the February 2nd, 2012 edition of the Vermont Standard. by Chuck Gundersen, Pomfret News February is here. Days are longer, night This article first appeared in the February 2nd, 2012 edition of the Vermont Standard. by Chuck Gundersen, Pomfret News February is here. Days are longer, night Rating:

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