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  1. Tasha Simpkins Halpert

    What a fine and interesting man he was, and he knew so much about the familyhistory. He was a veritable archive of it, and we will miss that wonderful chatty manner of his. Surely the angels delight in his wit. May he sparkle ever and always.

  2. Marston Luce

    A favorite customer of mine for 25 years, always a gentleman scholar who shared with me so much social history about his grandfather and others. He was a real bright window for me to look through to the best of the 19th century as well as the history of post WW II. I remember him with great fondness, and of course he always had time to pet my dog when he came by the store.

  3. Jeanne DeFazio

    David Richardson was a wonderful man and his guidance shaped my life so much for the better. His passing is heaven’s gain and our loss.

    Jeanne DeFazio

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